Christians and atheists throw down in the sand for a good cause.

A group of Christians and a group of atheists in the Kansas City area are going to play volleyball to raise money for children.

Believers and nonbelievers will go head to head this weekend, but not in an Old Testament battlefield throwdown. Instead, it will be a volleyball showdown.

Members of Abundant Life Baptist Church in Lee’s Summit will face off against the Kansas City Atheist Coalition on Saturday in an atheists vs. Christians charity volleyball tournament.

Ed Croteau, a Sunday school teacher at Abundant Life Baptist Church, has taken the lead in putting the event together. He said this is an opportunity for groups with opposing views to come together and benefit a common cause.

The tournament begins at 2 p.m. at the church, 414 Persels Road in Lee’s Summit. It is open to the public and costs $5 to get in. All proceeds will go to the Drumm Farm Center for Children.

Dr. Dave and Michaelyn will both be playing for the atheist side and they’re both pretty tall.  I hear that helps win at volleyball more than faith.

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