Man, what a couple of days it has been.

Wednesday I awoke to a loud series of crackling pops.  I would’ve thought it was gang warfare except that I don’t live in a neighborhood where gang warfare takes place and it was accompanied by the distinct sizzle of electricity.  I looked up to my bedroom window just in time to see the power line that used to hang above it droop into view.

I went outside and put the couple fires out with the neighbors in my PJs of heroism.  What cracked me up most was when the fire truck arrived and the guy in charge hopped out and asked us a couple questions about what happened (“It popped a few times and then stopped?”).  After getting the answers he reached down and just picked up the wire without a care in the world.

Clearly he has done this before.

Long story short: that’s why no blogging happened Wednesday.  Instead I hit the road for Cincinnati where I gave a fun talk to a really fun crowd.  Got to give a hug to “G”, a reader of the blog with a rockin’ goatee.

Then was the long drive to Arkansas (which is why there was no blogging yesterday).  I could watch the density of churches increase the closer I got to the Natural State.  At one point I stopped at an Arkansas gas station where I could also have purchased mule food had I needed some.  Instead I opted for stale chicken strips which I’m sure were made in sanitary conditions.

And now, for the next month or so, I’m back among the velvet green of my childhood home.  🙂

Mom and dad are taking a trip up to Washington state and, it turns out, I can write just as well (if not better) from here while taking care of their house.  The above pictures were taken with my phone and did not have the color augmented in any way.  It’s seriously like living in the Shire.  It’s so peaceful.

While I’m here I intend to go stumble about in nature (and will deliver unto you faithful readers photos of my grand adventures), try to finish my book, and enjoy the quiet (when I’m not belting show tunes at the top of my lungs without anybody nearby to hear me).  Maybe I’ll even live-blog a church visit.  Who knows?

There cannot be a god – my life is just too damn good.

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