Mike Huckabee’s right to not see gay people is being breached!

Mike Huckabee was talking on his show the other day about how all the things the anti-gay crowd had feared are starting to come true.  They feared the loss of rights for good, wholesome Christians and now it’s actually happening.

His example?  If Huckabee turns to particular channels of his own accord, he can see same-sex affection.

The very thing that many people and I know CWA was a part of this, saying, this is why the legalization of same-sex marriage is going to be a much bigger issue than just saying we let people love whoever they want to love, that’s not the issue. Will it force businesses—of course everyone will say, oh no people still have their rights, but they don’t. And every fear that people had has in fact come true, that this is being forced in textbooks on how marriage is depicted, we’re now even seeing television commercials portraying same-sex couples, that’s something I guess I didn’t expect to see anytime soon.

It’s your right to change the channel.  It’s not your right to have the entire world conform itself to avoid making you uncomfortable.  That wasn’t your right before the first gay marriage occurred in the USA, and it’s not your right now.

Seriously, what if I griped about seeing an evangelist on my flat screen to anybody old enough to make sentences?  Easy solution: change it to fucking ESPN or the Playboy channel.  Problem solved, all while not acting like you’re the king of the universe whose interests deserve to trump those of every other human being.

I wonder how that would work for me.  There are tons of churches just up the road from my parents’ house.  Wednesday night I think I’m going to walk into one at random and declare (to a bunch of people who almost certainly love Mike Huckabee) my offense at all the crosses I see down here in Bumblefuck, Arkansas.  I wonder how much the good, wholesome Christians will care about my offense.  Honestly, it will be the proper amount: zero.  And that’s exactly how much concern should be given to Mike Huckabee’s squeamishness at two loving adults of whom he does not approve holding hands.  Turn your TV to Benny Hinn, Eric Hovind, and Ray Comfort’s Power Hour of Holy Agony and Profit, have a tea, chill the fuck out, and let the rest of us watch Burn Notice.

And I think it’s particularly funny how Huck implies that textbooks, which are supposed to talk about facts, are being “forced” to talk about the fact of gay marriage.  Yeah, and physics textbooks are “forced” to talk about atoms.

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