My appearance on The Thinking Atheist is up.

If you missed it last night, you can hear it here:)

  • RhubarbTheBear

    I regret not calling in sooner! Got nothing but busy signal.

  • Jesse Cooper

    I caught it live. JT, you were fantastic. I really liked the way you responded to the religious callers.

  • Cylon

    Great show, JT. I really enjoyed your conversation with Mark (I think that was his name), the Catholic who called in. He seemed intellectually honest and willing to listen, but I also appreciate that you made it clear you would consider his arguments as well.

    The next caller, though, what a doozy! Maybe he just didn’t explain himself well, but it sure sounded to me like Justin was saying that poor religious people don’t have the mental capacity to survive without the crutch of religion. I found that terribly condescending. The way he kept talking about how “these people” aren’t like us was really othering. I’m glad you and Seth stood your ground and insisted that we should give everyone the opportunity to respond to good reasoning.