Reminder: Sony also sucks.

Thanks Maddox for the reminder:

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  • jufulu

    And who could ever forget:

    Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work:

  • Rain

    “This means your system, games and apps are always current and ready to play—no more waiting for updates.”

    Awww shucks, what did people ever do waiting for updates and not always current and ready blah blah blah. Thanks for lookin out for us Microsoft.

  • Steve

    Maddox is pretty much the quintessential douchebag.

    • Brice Gilbert

      Ahhhh the days of the internet when I was 12 and loved any contrarian
      viewpoint I could get my hands on. I remember going back to him a couple years ago and being shocked that I ever liked what he said.

      • Billy Bob

        I always read Maddox like a parody. Half the time, he’s not even being serious.

  • unbound55

    Pretty much sums it up. People are cheering Sony on like they are family members just because Sony sux a bit less than MS.

    So…in less than 6 months I can look forward to the kids wanting me to spend over $500 (they kids will demand 2nd controller for both and eye camera for PS4 if they push that route) for a console that isn’t backwards compatible (so those games’ are now going to be garage sale fodder that few others will want…so essentially worthless). Both consoles will cost monthly fees to do anything of significance online. Both consoles will be hooked up to the internet 24×7 (because I am not going to be randomly unplugging the network). Both companies allow restrictions for used games controlled by 3rd parties. Unless you are a console aficionado, the differences are not that big of a deal. I’d say the masses will favor the PS4 just because the perceived price is lower, not because of what is being discussed today.

    My approach is that my kids will not be happy this xmas. So when the current console dies, I’ll see what the landscape looks like then. Until then, this is all just fireworks and noise…which is fun to watch.