Skepticon documentary!

At Skepticon last year, while I wasn’t getting engaged (Michaelyn and I set a date for the wedding just yesterday :D), I did some interviews for a documentary about Skepticon; the beast I helped create.  The trailer for this doc has recently been released and uses some of the audio from one of my interviews:

Skeptidoc OFFICIAL TRAILER from Kaitlyn Chandler on Vimeo.

I have joined the board of directors for Skepticon and so am back to being involved in a very limited capacity (rest assured, the production team and Lauren Lane still deserve all of the glory).  But it’s good to at least have a tendril in the event again.

One of the ways I want to help is with fundraising.  Skepticon costs about $30,000 to put on.  At well over 1,000 attendees every year, $10 per head would put a real dent in the fundraising.  But it’s important for us to keep the event free.  We want it available to everybody, including the people who can’t afford $10.  I think it’s a worthy ideal, but it’s an ideal that needs a lot of hard unpaid work (which the crew provides) and a lot of generosity (for which we depend on those in the community).

If you can donate anything, even if it’s just $5, please do so.  Every year I donate $100, so I’m right there with you all.  Also, over the next month I’ll be doing little things here and there to raise money.  If you have any ideas, let me know.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll live-blog going to church here in hyper conservative bibleville, Arkansas.  I’ll make that sacrifice for the best skeptic/atheist conference of the year.  🙂

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