The best video on the entire internet.

My theory III teacher in college was a very clever, unconventional guy.  He knew theory IV, where we would learn about scary, scary 12-tone serialism, was on the horizon.  To make sure we got the ground work for that course solidly, he taught the entire theory III class out of The Beatles song book.  It was an enormously fun class that made a complex subject of not-exactly-tonal music theory fun (it would’ve been fun for me either way, I tend to care more about how cool the placement of notes is as opposed to how they sound).

But man, if I could’ve had atonal/20th century music/music history/philosophy taught to me like this…I may have just decided to get a doctorate.

This video is one of the best things on the internet.

If I were wealthy enough to have a court composer, I would hire this woman.

  • RhubarbTheBear

    I bet I know who this prof is…

    • JTEberhard

      Small world. :)

  • Tomato Addict

    HIre her? Hell, marry her.

    • JTEberhard

      Oh, I’d be tempted for a moment. But then there’s this girl of my dreams who somehow still thinks I’m the bee’s knees…

    • Sam D

      Maybe after a suitable period of conversation and letting her get to know you, inform her of your admiration and ask?

    • Tomato Addict

      I too am out of the market, so to speak, but I expect there is a long list of suitable admirers.

  • Criamon

    I explained hexachordal semicombinatoriality to a computer science friend of mine and he fiddled with it conceptually to see if the structural principals could be exploited for data compression.

    • Loqi

      Music nerds combining forces with computer nerds? Sounds like an unstoppable force. I think if we added a physics nerd and a literature nerd, we’d be able to summon Captain Planet.

  • Criamon

    Didn’t Bernstein have a jazz 12 tone row piece.

    The thing that’s kind of funny here is that using jazz to fit in a row kind of misses the point behind what people were intending when they developed the set theory concepts behind rows.

  • quantumrequiem

    As a musician and a physicist, this absolutely made my day. ^_^

  • Sam D

    I had “I’m a girl geeking out” up while I watched this, and then I read the article and clicked next, and . . . wait, have I got my tabs mixed up? No, it really is in both windows. JT, get out of my head!

  • Rain

    Singing to non-sentient objects is not bizarre. It merely rhymes with star.

  • Mark Bradford

    Vi Hart rules. That is all.

  • amycas

    Shapes cannot express how much I loved this!

  • bigcheeese

    Even as someone that is not that musically inclined myself, I have always found Vi hart to be completely awesome.

    Youdefintiely should check out her story of Wind and Mr. Ug