American Atheists monument vandalized (UPDATE: vandal has apologized).

Didn’t take long, did it?  It’s not paint or anything, some local, self-proclaimed hillbilly spit his terbacky all over the monument.  But don’t fret!  Through a logical appraising of the evidence, I feel confident we can ascertain this ruffian’s identity.  Detective JT on the job.

So what clues do we have?  First, let’s examine American Atheists’ facebook wall.

Well, that didn’t take long.  If that’s Zach in his picture he appears to be a strapping young lad: tough as a tree and, I’d wager, almost as smart.

Now, here’s a fun game to play for all the religious readers: we don’t know squat about Zach’s religious beliefs, we just know that he’s a proud vandal who isn’t exactly the sharpest crayon in the box.  We’re told that religion makes people better (more kind, more wise, etc.), so surely you think the odds that this person is a Christian are pretty low.

I, on the other hand, think it’s almost certain that the vandal is a Christian (for the same reasons that I, and anybody else with a skull, knew the swift vandalism of atheist property was a near certainty in a way that it’s not for the neighboring ten commandments monument).  I’d be willing to bet oodles of money that I’m right about Zach’s religious affiliation.  Any takers?

If not, take a moment to think about why it is that public displays of atheism, no matter how pleasant, are almost always doomed to vandalism while public displays of Christianity are left unmolested.  It’s not because god protects one and not the other.  It’s because Christianity has convinced a sufficient number of people that vandalizing the property of others is their right, and while the law may prohibit their actions that Jesus instantly forgave them (and/or gave them a celestial thumbs up).

And that’s not even taking into account all the Christians at home who didn’t vandalize the property of atheists, but who cracked a smile and praised the lord from the comfort of their home when they heard that someone else did.  I’m sure they’ll all have a splendid time at church this Sunday smiling at one another and talking about how the world is full of cruel people and how only more Christianity can save us.


The vandal has sent American Atheists an apology which they have accepted.  Good on him.

Meanwhile, as for those Christians at home who were delighted with the vandal’s work, they’re already coming out of the woodwork.

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