Can’t let a gay couple stay at his bed and breakfast. His would-be mistress on the other hand…

Last year a British couple who own a bed and breakfast refused to rent a room to a gay couple.  The gay couple sued and Mike Wilkinson and his wife, the owners of the B&B, lost the case despite what they surely thought was a compelling reason for denying the gay couple: “For us, sex when you’re unmarried is a sin before God.”  After they paid the court-ordered £3,600 the Wilkinsons spent months lamenting their oppression at the hands of “homofascists”.  Yeah, “homofascists”.  Just like how people pissed off when business owners try to discriminate against black people are negrofascists.  Or, as I like to call them, “not assholes.”

Anyway, it’s one year later.  How’re things with Mike Wilkinson and his…wife?

Obsessed Mike Wilkinson, 58, made passes at Sacha Williams-Rowe when she sought comfort at his church after being stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. The father-of-four yesterday admitted his infatuation with the vulnerable single mum, saying: “I developed feelings I shouldn’t have. I got too close.”

Wilkinson showered Sacha, 32, with gifts, including a pink Bible, a watch and silver chain and cross. He also paid off nearly £2,000 in rent arrears but begged Sacha to hide it from his wife. He sent her hundreds of texts, saying he wanted to give her the “biggest, longest, warmest most exciting hug ever and kisses everywhere you allow”. And he told her: “I love you sooo much. I couldn’t sleep properly. Kept thinking of you and squeezing my pillow.”

The Sunday Mirror is publishing the details of Wilkinson’s behaviour in a bid to expose his hypocrisy. The church leader and his religious wife, Susanne, sparked ­national outrage in 2010 when they told Michael Black, 64, and his partner John Morgan, 59, they could not stay in the same bed at the £75-a-night Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire.

Oh, that’s awkward.  But at least Mike is consistent: he was trying to have sex while married.  Also, that’s pretty ballsy giving someone an ornate cross in an effort to spark an affair.  “This will serve as a reminder that Jesus is the source of all morality.  I hope it means a lot to you.”

(Via Joe my God)

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