Child abuse under the guise of love.

Here’s an educational video put out to help Christian parents deal with kids imagining things.

How evil Satan is!  God is telling his followers to blow each other up in many Islamic societies, to suppress education the world over (including in the USA), to deprive normal citizens of equal rights, and let’s not even get into what he’s telling the Catholic Church.  Satan tells you to play with a wizard doll.  Flee from the deceiver at once, ye poor lost souls.

Take a moment to consider the irony of a parent who believes the way god conjured up the whole cosmos or answers prayer is by magic and then telling their child that magic is sinful.

Since when does imagination = magic?  I’m as big a disbeliever in magic as there is, whether it’s in D&D or the bible.  Still, I enjoy D&D because imagination is fun, and I can entertain notions of “What if it were real?” without going all the way to “This is totally real!  Sorry, I can’t come into work today, I’m staying home and practicing magic missile.”

Frankly, believing in magic is the real shortcoming.  It’s the whole problem with religion.  In this video the kid was only pretending with his wizard toy.  The parents, on the other hand, chastised him for imagining things right before explaining that pretending magic is real is wrong because it would sadden the jealous, magical being who really exists and made plants before the sun, and whose son rose from the dead.  But a piece of plastic with a wand and pointy hat?  Mom to the fucking rescue!

Pretending a wizard is fighting bad people?  Bad.  Actually believing in a god who killed virtually every human being on earth by the excruciating means of drowning and worshiping him as good?  Mandatory.  “Stop playing with that wizard doll, that’s not reality, that’s magic!  Come over next to the TV and watch these talking vegetables instead, and later we can read about how a guy walked on water 2,000 years ago.”

It’s not enough to fill a child’s head with all manner of crazy before they’re old enough to have the proper cognitive faculties to resist, you also have to deprive them of the wonder of imagination.  It’s like child abuse that’s legal.

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