George Zimmerman: it was god’s plan.

In America, if you really want to get away with a crime, you’d better hold up that cross and pay it lip service til you choke.

Fucking slimeball.  Add one more entry to the long list of people who’ve done something terrible and blamed god’s plan for what they did.  It’s funny how similar god’s perfection is to humans being shitty.  And by “funny” I mean disgusting and maximally humiliating for anybody buying into that load of shit.

You’re not going to second-guess god’s plan?  If god planned for the death of a kid who only wanted a god damn bag of Skittles and not the pious man who was stalking him with a loaded gun, and you’re not willing to second guess it, then fuck you and that god.  No good man accepts a wicked master.

It seems there’s no atrocity, no injustice, no needless pain and loss of life that cannot be ascribed to god’s plan that will make Christians say “Huh, maybe god’s plan ain’t so loving or so perfect” or “Huh, maybe this guy’s throwing out references to my god so I’ll be more likely to think he’s innocent”.

Just…fuck.  That kid didn’t have to die.  And to suggest that a child dying for no reason isn’t so bad because it’s “god’s plan”?  Fucking evil.  Not moral, not irrelevant: fucking evil.  It’s a pity there’s no justice in the universe beyond what humans do.  But even if their god existed to give us justice, I wouldn’t want him.  At least a human can realize the travesty of a child’s death without associating it with a plan they consider to be loving, perfect, or even fucking good.

There’s your sweet, moralizing religion.  You have a god who planned for a kid to die.  Not just one kid, but lots of them all over the world.  Keep worshiping that god and telling atheists that we’re the immoral ones for being grateful that such a wicked story was never true.

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