God’s burning orphanage and the problem of divine hiddenness.

A while back, while I was preparing for a debate, Matt Dillahunty turned me on to a youtube channel called Theoretical Bullshit.  The guy behind the channel is solid, amusing, communicates well, and has produced arguments I’ve never heard before.  You should definitely check him out.

  • Art_Vandelay

    Agreed. He’s fantastic. This is my favorite TBS video…


  • Rain

    Tom Cruise? Could be his younger less evil twin.

    • Gehennah

      tbs is kinda like Tom Cruise, he’s even on the Bold and the Beautiful, but he’s less batshit insane.

      • Rain

        Wow sings and plays guitar too. I would subscribe to the channel, but I refuse to subscribe to any channel that would have me as a subscriber. (Some of us do have our standards, you know.)

  • Gehennah

    TBS is awesome. He make some amazing points and handles it well.

    Although lately I’m been watching logicked a lot, mainly because I find him humorous and he does a lot of research (he actually buys some of the more obscure books that they like to quotemine from).

  • just somebody

    Theoretical Bullshit is the Youtube name of Scott Clifton. He was an active Youtube atheist debater for several years, though rarely posts there any more.

    Scott is also an actor. He has also won several Daytime Emmys for his work on several daytime dramas, currently on the Bold and the Beautiful.

    https://twitter.com/CliftonsNotes @CliftonsNotes