Kevin Swanson: Colorado is like North Korea.

Pastor Kevin Swanson in Colorado thinks the state is going to hell in a hand basket.

You heard that correctly: a guy on a radio station criticizing the state, without the police busting in (and with no fear of the police busting in), is saying that Colorado a worse police state than North Korea.

Here’s the real juicy part:

If it was evil, they loved it; if it was against God’s laws, they said go for it. Our legislature in Colorado stuck a finger in God’s eye every opportunity that they had in this last legislative season, it was amazing, they obliterated family freedoms at every step, they trashed gun rights, they embraced every moral abomination they could find, they undermined liberty at every single point.

Their vision for Colorado is a drugged-out, marijuana’d-out homosexual culture where children are abused as much as possible, because children in non-nuclear families are twenty times more likely to be abused than children in nuclear families, so children abused as much as possible.

This is the vision of the Democrats, get children abused, kill them in the womb as much as possible, be sure there are as many dysfunctional families as possible, as many homosexual families as possible and children abused as much as possible, so government can grow their child welfare services even more, so that they can kill more kids, so that more adults can commit adultery, so that more kids would be murdered, so that more kids would be abused, so more government would tax and regulate and tax and regulate to produce the worst possible hellhole on planet earth.

Added Swanson:

Additionally, anybody conflating love among consenting adults or loving parents who happen to be gay with a dedication to child abuse can get fucked.  That “study” about child abuse has been cited time and again even though it’s been debunked for years.  Here’s someone trying it on CNN in 2005 and getting hammered for it (thanks, John Stewart).  2:12 is the magic time stamp:

Seriously, way to protect adults from additional, harmless fun on the weekends and way to protect foster kids from adoptive parents.  Yeah, just like North Korea.

You know what’s going to happen in Colorado as a result of same-sex unions and marijuana legalization?  Not a god damn thing.  The state’s going to keep chugging along at about the same clip, except some people might get high instead of drunk and more couples will get to visit their spouse in hospital.  The overall happiness of the state would obviously increase if not counterbalanced by the religious people shitting their pants over the happiness of others.  But eventually that will stop and life will go on, and even Swanson’s followers will forget all the fear-mongering he was doing.

Hell, they’ll probably be the first to forget it.

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