Kevin Swanson: Colorado is like North Korea.

Pastor Kevin Swanson in Colorado thinks the state is going to hell in a hand basket.

You heard that correctly: a guy on a radio station criticizing the state, without the police busting in (and with no fear of the police busting in), is saying that Colorado a worse police state than North Korea.

Here’s the real juicy part:

If it was evil, they loved it; if it was against God’s laws, they said go for it. Our legislature in Colorado stuck a finger in God’s eye every opportunity that they had in this last legislative season, it was amazing, they obliterated family freedoms at every step, they trashed gun rights, they embraced every moral abomination they could find, they undermined liberty at every single point.

Their vision for Colorado is a drugged-out, marijuana’d-out homosexual culture where children are abused as much as possible, because children in non-nuclear families are twenty times more likely to be abused than children in nuclear families, so children abused as much as possible.

This is the vision of the Democrats, get children abused, kill them in the womb as much as possible, be sure there are as many dysfunctional families as possible, as many homosexual families as possible and children abused as much as possible, so government can grow their child welfare services even more, so that they can kill more kids, so that more adults can commit adultery, so that more kids would be murdered, so that more kids would be abused, so more government would tax and regulate and tax and regulate to produce the worst possible hellhole on planet earth.

Added Swanson:

Additionally, anybody conflating love among consenting adults or loving parents who happen to be gay with a dedication to child abuse can get fucked.  That “study” about child abuse has been cited time and again even though it’s been debunked for years.  Here’s someone trying it on CNN in 2005 and getting hammered for it (thanks, John Stewart).  2:12 is the magic time stamp:

Seriously, way to protect adults from additional, harmless fun on the weekends and way to protect foster kids from adoptive parents.  Yeah, just like North Korea.

You know what’s going to happen in Colorado as a result of same-sex unions and marijuana legalization?  Not a god damn thing.  The state’s going to keep chugging along at about the same clip, except some people might get high instead of drunk and more couples will get to visit their spouse in hospital.  The overall happiness of the state would obviously increase if not counterbalanced by the religious people shitting their pants over the happiness of others.  But eventually that will stop and life will go on, and even Swanson’s followers will forget all the fear-mongering he was doing.

Hell, they’ll probably be the first to forget it.

About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • Michaelyn

    “they obliterated family freedoms at every step…”

    • JTEberhard

      I know right? Like, I know what all of those words mean individually, but when you put them into that order…

    • Silent Service

      One must remember that words have different meanings when your brain has been soaked in religion. To the religious these common terms have the following strange meanings;

      Freedom: The right to follow God’s Law or to be punished for not following God’s Law.
      Love: Total obedience to God and God’s ordained natural order of God, Jesus, Man, all other creatures, women. (Yes, they place cattle over women, but would never admit that. And yes, women is not capitalized like man. That’s a feature, not a bug to them.)
      Faith: Obedience to God’s Law.
      Sin: Those things that the Bible, or an authority above you in God’s natural order, says are abomination when other people do them. Alternatly things I need to appoligise for when I am weak in the eyes of the Lord.
      Same sex attraction: men: Bareback butt sex.
      Same sex attraction: women: Uppity feminist B%^#&*’s.
      Fidelity: My relationship with my spouse.
      Infidelity: Other people’s relationship with their spouse.
      Child Abuse: Not beating the Law of God into a child.

      The list goes on and on.

      • Sven2547

        Add to that:
        Rape: Any non-reproductive sexual intercourse.
        Consent: a fictional concept.
        (both of these courtesy of Patheos commenter TheodoreSeeber)

        • Silent Service

          Not sure that works for a fundy definition of Rape. I think in fundy-land you’d define sex like this;

          Consent: Sex where nobody but your friends heard her scream and you were able to remove most of her clothing.

          Rape: Sex where her daddy owns a shotgun and does not approve of you.

          Slut: Everybody else’s daughter.

          Virgin: Your own daughter.

          Rapist: Any boy that looks at your daughter.

          Stud: Any man that manages to have sex with a slut.

          Son-in-Law: The boy that you like enough not to shoot after he rapes your daughter. (See Rapist)

          This is really why I have come to hate religion. I know people that think like this and believe that it is all okay if they pray in church on Sunday.

        • smrnda

          Yeah, Teddy hit a new low with that one.

      • Jeff See

        You pretty much nailed it. I was devout, and when my wife is floored by something a fundy says, I explain to her why it made sense to them when they said it. I get blank stares a lot.

        • Silent Service

          I see that blank stare from people all the time; even from fundamentalists. It isn’t just fundies that think in this manner, projecting all problems onto anybody except themselves. They’re just most prone to automatically doing so due to the way that religion reinforces this pattern. Religion is designed to blame others for the observers own faults.

      • cateye

        I like your list, but I don’t understand fidelity and infidelity. Are you saying that (from Person A’s viewpoint) no matter what Person A does, they are being faithful? (Though that would probably only apply if Person A is male.)

        • Silent Service

          Correct on both counts. To many of the Churched up, fidelity and infidelity are just not things you think about in regards to yourself. Other people are unfaithful cheating bastards while you are weak in fleshly urges and just need help from Jebus. Thus a fundamentalist male is not unfaithful in his own mind. He is week with fleshy needs when he cheats on a wife or girlfriend but does not actually think of himself as unfaithful to her. All those other guys however are cheating bastards, at least when he is around his wife or girlfriend. Women are always considered cheating sluts, sometimes even when they never cheat. After all, it was Eve that created sin in the first place.
          In fact it is considered appropriate for a woman to accept her part of the blame when her man cheats on her. She is considered equally responsible for his actions. Don’t for one moment think that Pat Robertson is out on a limb in the fundy world. Most hard core conservative men think the same think when they see a guy cheating. They think his wife or girlfriend just can’t keep him happy. It doesn’t occur to them that this isn’t her responsibility; they presume that it is.
          Even scarier is that hard core conservative women think the same things.

  • Nox

    There will be fewer people in Colorado being imprisoned for marijuana possession. This alone will mean an automatically freer society. Something which deeply scares many self-described defenders of “freedom”.

    • Jasper

      The U.S. Gray rights fight is a good example of the idea that if one’s world view is in sync with reality, one tends to be more successful.

      • islandbrewer

        The U.S. Gray rights fight

        That’s what happens when the U.S. Black rights and the U.S. white rights fights come together.

    • Silent Service

      Yeah, if the Right WIng nuts can’t lock up all the hippy pot smokers they might vote for equal rights. Can’t have that!!!

  • Art_Vandelay

    I like this North Korea analogy much better…

  • invivoMark

    I really can’t imagine stoned homosexual couples abusing children. And they sure as hell aren’t getting many abortions.

  • baal

    I missed that Dailyshow clip in the past. Oh my…. I’m almost happy the right wing authoritarian republican (robert tallman?) mentioned bi’s. We tend to get ignored. This time though, it’d be a basis for a investigation from the State to make sure I don’t adopt a foster kid?

  • Bev Stapleton

    As a former Coloradan, I say good for them. I’d love to move back. An the fact that this idiot is all bent out of shape, makes me love Colorado even more.

  • Percy

    I’m proud of Colorado; it takes sack to buck the system and do your own thing. In my book these folks are living in the”land of the brave”. .

  • Ryan Hite

    What?!?!?! I live in Colorado and I have heard of no such story! In fact, Colorado has the Evangelical Vatican… Colorado Springs. How could god get mad at that?

  • Gehennah

    So is Colorado going to start a missile program soon?