Psychic fail.

I love watching cold readings crash and burn.  That is exactly what happened to Char Margolis on WGN recently.

Oh boy.

I love her admonition that the skeptical anchor can’t be close-minded after she failed.  I wish he would’ve asked “What’s the difference, in this case, between being close-minded and just not accepting a failure as a success?  Open-minded and gullible are not the same thing.”

And her last bit of “you have to be nice to me”.  For one, he wasn’t mean.  He just pointed out that Margolis failed and wanted her to take responsibility for failing.  That’s not mean.

Having said that, Margolis manipulates people and lies for a living.  Nobody needs to be nice to that kind of person.

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  • darren

    “everyone has this power”… yes, it’s called cold reading, everyone can learn this skill.

  • SansDeus

    “I picked up on Mary, I said it was her Daughter.” – Uh, does she really expect people to have that short of a memory? She probed for letters and didn’t even say daughter, she said mother, it was the anchor who corrected her lying butt which she followed with: “Oh it’s your daughter.”

    That and the “M or a J?… Yes you do! Duh, Duh!” and she couldn’t decide male or female.

    Worst. cold reader. ever.

  • Ilaria

    Reminds me of a time when Rosemary Althea was doing her show on tv. She talked to a woman in the audience about her brother who had died in a motorcycle accident a few years before. She said the same old obvious things (“he loves you, you don’t have to feel guilty, he is happy etc etc…) and then probably got distracted by something or decided to take a risk and told her that her brother wanted her to rely on her family and, most of all, she had to talk more with their father, who needed support.
    The woman answered “My father’s been dead for 20 years” and i almost cracked a rib laughing :)
    I’m only sorry that in that tv studio there was no-one to call her out.