St. Paul Saints losing their religion for a day.

This made me smile.

On August 9, for the second year running, the St. Paul Saints will lose their religion.

That night’s game at Midway Stadium is sponsored by the Minnesota Atheists, so the Saints will drop the “S” from their jerseys and signs around Midway Stadium, thereby becoming the St. Paul Aints.

The players’ jerseys will later be auctioned, with some of the proceeds going to the Family Place Shelter in St. Paul, a local shelter where Minnesota Atheists volunteers prepare monthly dinners for families in need. So you see, they’re not all Godless jerks.

That’s freaking awesome.  And it’s pretty great of the organization:

No Saints officials are quoted in the press release, but before the organization’s first atheists night last summer, General Manager Derek Sharrer said folks shouldn’t read too much into the team’s nickname.

“The team name itself is just that — it’s a team name,” Sharrer said, adding that “we didn’t name the team the Saints to make any sort of religious statement.”

I’m not a baseball fan, and I never thought I’d hear myself say something like this, but I’m a fan of the Saints.

  • Laury Plant

    Well I AM a baseball fan, so I’ll let my enthusiasm make up for yours. You can have basketball. It’s like a trade or something ;)
    Good stuff that they continued this from last time. I was worried it’d get nixed.

  • iknklast

    Not a fan of the Saints – a fan of the Aint’s. They rock.

  • Eric

    It’s even better than what’s in the article because the team is also secularizing the city from St. Paul to MR. PAUL, so it’s the MR. PAUL AINTS. The “A” on the logo is red to reflect the Atheist Out Campaign. Last year the MN Atheists featured the Out Campaign style “A” in the logo but we didn’t make it red (pictured in the above article). This year we went for the red “A” on the player jerseys and we are selling Mr. Paul Aints shirts and hats to help us offset the baseball game sponsorship fees. If anyone is interested in getting Mr. Paul Aints shirts and hats, here is the link:!/~/product/category=5274913&id=23866299

  • John H

    Aww, that’s a nice shout-out in a largely hostile world. Thanks, Aints!