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Lose-lose, sorry women in the Old Testament.

"...kill every woman who has known a man by sleeping with him.  But all the young girls who have not known a man...keep them alive for yourselves." ~ Moses, Numbers 31:17

Let’s face it: god doesn’t exactly have that whole “love” or “justice” thing down.  Thankfully, most humans have an appreciation for both when they’re not trying to emulate god:

Lady justice and lady liberty embracing each other after the DOMA decision.

  • Zinc Avenger

    That was close, Justice almost got jabbed by Liberty’s spiky hat. Also that torch looks like it is a single flinch away from igniting Justice’s robe.

    Take off dangerous headgear and extinguish all naked flames before the fun sexytimes. Safety first, anthropomorphic personifications! This has been your Monday morning PSA.

    • Sids

      At least Justice put down her sword, such a considerate forward thinker. Liberty just doesn’t give a shit.

      That relationship is going to be all one sided.

      • Mackinz

        If she were to put her torch down, she’d likely start a fire in Manhattan… I think it’s better than she didn’t put it down, even though it made the hug awkward.

    • Dirty_Nerdy

      I like dangerous head gear and naked flames with my sexy time though! Stop dictating my sexy time! ;-)

  • Art_Vandelay

    They give bibles to kids, when? 1st communion? 2nd grade? Is there any other scenario where an adult could give a book to a 2nd grader that had shit in it like that story with David and the Amalekites and that person not be considered morally bankrupt? Or is it just acceptable because it’s presumed that they’re not going to read it anyway?

    • Machintelligence

      I suspect that a lot of adults don’t even know it’s in there. The bible is treated more as a fetish than a book by most Christians, and bible study guides leave out the embarrassing stuff. Hell, most Christians can’t reliably name half of the ten commandments (personal survey, YMMV.)

      • Artor

        I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to school Xians on their own Babble. In some comment thread, Random Ignorant Xian says, “Nuh-uh! The Babble doesn’t say that!” over some particularly heinous passage, so I provide chapter and verse where it says exactly that. It’s amazing how little they know of what they claim is the most important guide to their lives.

        • Zinc Avenger

          I sometimes wonder how much and which parts of the Bible could be replaced with Lorem Ipsum before anybody notices.

          • islandbrewer

            Lorem Ipsum? I loved their first album before they went all commercial and poppy.

  • Arakasi_99

    Don’t you see? Justice is only interested in marrying Liberty so she can get on Liberty’s health care. So now our insurance rates will go up to cover the treatments for Justice’s blindness.

    • Dirty_Nerdy

      Yeah, Justice is so greedy. She’s only in it for the benefits. My marriage will be a “real” one…incidentally, I will be getting federal and state benefits to go with it though.