Thanks for being patient.

Hey all!  Thanks for being patient while I’ve been down here in Arkansas.  I know content has been light to nonexistent (especially when Michaelyn was visiting).  I’m very fortunate to have a job that allows me to make the most of my all-too-precious time with my family.  The time has been wonderful as it always is.  But as Chaucer once famously remarked: all good things must come to an end (interesting factoid: the original quote from Chaucer in The Knight’s Tale was “All things must end”.  The word “good” wasn’t added until centuries later).

Today I’m driving my brother back to Fayetteville and helping him move his furniture in and then driving back to Mountain Home tonight.  Then Tuesday-Wednesday I’m driving back to Columbus; my home for another three weeks.  After that I never have to say goodbye to Michaelyn again (but I’ll hopefully still treat each moment I get with Michaelyn with the same value).  So by Thursday I should be fully back in the saddle, as it were.

Until then I’ll post a couple things when I can.  Again, thanks for being so patient.  🙂

I have been so very lucky in life.  Chief among my many fortunes is a loving family who has their shit together and being loved by a woman as exquisitely wonderful as Michaelyn.  What a good life it must be when my most formidable task seems to be constantly reminding myself not to take my wealth of good fortune for granted.  It’s no wonder people always suck out on me at poker: all my luck got used up a while ago.  🙂

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