Timothy Dolan shuffled child-raping priests to new locations.

Timothy Dolan, up until recently could’ve been called the highest ranking Catholic in the United States.  However, during his time overseeing the Milwaukee archdiocese, the now Cardinal and Archbishop of New York eventually had to have the archdiocese declare bankruptcy.  The reason?  Having to settle too many lawsuits with the victims of child rape.

In 2011, the Milwaukee archdiocese filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing the financial drain of settling sexual-abuse claims and acknowledging missteps by the church in dealing with pedophile priests.

In accordance with those proceedings, and despite the protestations and attempted legal subversions of the church, the judge ordered that a host of documents related to the case be released.  One of them was from Dolan himself talking about money that he moved into a fund for the maintenance of a church cemetery:

One document is a letter that Dolan sent to the Vatican in June 2007 requesting permission to move $57 million into a cemetery trust fund in order to protect the funds from “any legal claim and liability.” The Vatican approved the transfer a month later, according to the documents.

Ironically, this is the exact opposite of what the Catholic Church in LA did in dealing with settling lawsuits regarding the molestation of children.  They actually took money out of a cemetery-maintenance fund that was earmarked specifically for cemetery maintenance.

Of course, on the same day the letter from Dolan was released to the public, Dolan made a public statement in conflict with his own words:

Dolan disagreed with the characterization of the fund in a statement released on Monday. He said it was a “perpetual care fund” from for cemeteries, not an attempt to shield money from bankruptcy.

And the story wouldn’t be complete without the documents showing that Dolan, who has publicly vowed to stamp out inappropriate behavior on the part of the priests working under him, had shuffled child-molesting priests off to other locations.

Documents also show the Milwaukee archdiocese transferring pedophile priests instead of removing them from the church.

In one such case, Reverend Raymond Adamsky received counseling and was transferred to 11 parishes in 34 years before being sent to serve as nursing home chaplain with restrictions on contact with minors, after he was accused of molestation in 1961 and then again in 1983, the documents show.

When was Christianity supposed to make Timothy Dolan, Ratzinger, any of the sexually assaulting priests, etc., morally better people the way we’re told it does?  You’d think god could’ve dipped down and told the pope at the time (the same one who shielded child-raping priests himself) “Hey!  That Timothy Dolan guy is being a real slime.  Get rid of him!”

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  • Sven2547

    If a large, multinational corporation (Apple, McDonald’s, ExxonMobile, take your pick) had an employee who was accused of molesting children, they would cooperate with any criminal investigation to the absolute fullest. If executives in those companies were exposed trying to cover up abuse of that kind, it would cause shockwaves that would ruin the company’s reputation, and the persons responsible would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Not so for the Roman Catholic Church, evidently. Any attempt to dislodge them from their tower of sanctimonious privilege is met with accusations of oppression.

  • Art_Vandelay

    You’d think god could’ve dipped down and told the pope at the time (the
    same one who shielded child-raping priests himself) “Hey! That Timothy
    Dolan guy is being a real slime. Get rid of him!”

    Or even better…throw him in jail. This guy now has a paper trail on him showing that he paid out cash bonuses to priests for raping children, hid insane amounts of money that should have gone to victims of his employees, and moved pedophiles around so they could go rape kids somewhere else. How the fuck is he not in jail? How is this not a huge story? Instead we get this…

    • baal

      I think the shuffling funds out so they can’t be used for a settlement is a crime in and of itself. It’d take some time to get that case together and a brave prosecutor who is willing to take the full blow back of the RCC and a host of politicians who will shield Dolan (photos like the one you put up here (and JT has posted in the past) make it clear Dolan is entitled* to protection from enforcement of the law.

      *read strong christian or powerful person privilege.

    • http://bearlyatheist.wordpress.com/ Bear Millotts

      Sounds like the basis for a RICO case to me. Maybe someone will be brave enough to pursue it. Perhaps the FBI.

    • Zugswang

      A fitting caption for that image would be, “…and then we told them that they would find justice in the afterlife!”