Tom Hoopes: Christian warrior.

So Tom Hoopes wrote an article misleadingly titled “The Top 10 Awkward Facts About the Atheist Monument”.  Both Hemant and I pointed out that his “facts” weren’t always facts, exactly, and that his reasoning even when he did point out something true was completely specious.  So Tom Hoopes took to twitter to do…what?  To say “Whoops!  My bad.  I’m very proud of my faith and believe it can be defended, and should be defended, without resorting to untruths or to piss poor reasoning.  I apologize and will do better next time.”?

Of course not, silly.  He first tweeted at me:

.@pjmccann3 @jteberhard I hear Willie Nelson singing “You are always on my mind” in the background …

I assumed he was suggesting that he was always on my mind, so I responded by telling him that frisking pieces like his is what I do for a living and not to get too flattered.  He responded:

@jteberhard @pjmccann3 Thanks. I know it’s not me who is always on your mind!

Oh!  It’s not Hoopes that’s on my mind, it’s Jesus!  It turns out my repeated negative analysis of the bible, various religious leaders, and columns like Hoopes’ isn’t an expression of the fact that I think religions have undue influence in the world that needs to be rectified, but because I’m running away from the truth of it all (presumably by repeatedly explaining why it’s not true).  It cannot be that I wrote my piece detailing all the ways in which Hoopes got it wrong because he got it wrong.  No, it could only be that I’m the one reaching, not because Hoopes released an entire article of poorly reasoned claims, but because Hoopes was actually right on the money and I’m turning my back from Jesus.

You know what he could have done to demonstrate that I’m denying the truth because I’m resisting the loving influence of Jesus?  He could’ve explained why I was wrong.  But the passive-aggressive tweet was probably easier.

Of course, Tom Hoopes has as much evidence for being able to rip my true, hidden motivation out of my head as he does for the American Atheists monument being awkward – zero.  But that sure doesn’t stop him from asserting it with an equal amount of confidence.  I guess to some Christians this is “taking a stand”, when to anybody who gives a shit about, y’know, being right, it’s just asserting things for which you have no evidence, complete with condescending smirk.

Sally on, Christian warrior!

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