Young girl kicked off her school’s football team for causing impure thoughts.

A Christian school has booted one of its students from the football team, not for lack of talent, but because has a vagina.

Madison Baxter had been playing football for her Christian school’s team in Georgia for the past year but was recently told she would have to quit, the New York Daily News reports.

According to Madison’s mother, Cassy Blythe, Strong Rock Christian School CEO Patrick Stuart quoted the bible when he explained to her why her daughter could no longer play on the team.

“He said the boys are coming of age and starting to have impure thoughts and might lust after her,” Blythe said.

“He said the locker room talk isn’t appropriate for her.

What a load of shit.  This is the same line of reasoning that gave Islamic nations the veil.  Yeah, guys might lust after her.  They might also do that in the hallways, should you boot her and all the other girls out of the school?  Lust happens, for both genders, and as long as it’s confined to the imagination or to reality only with consent, so fucking what?  We’re human beings, and preventing lust is about as possible as preventing hunger if no food is around.

And she might hear language that’s inappropriate for her?  What makes a piece of language appropriate for one gender but not another?  And even if some language were actually appropriate for boys but not girls, why is the solution to remove the girl from the team so the boys can engage in that language rather than asking the boys to not use inappropriate language?

Also, is the locker room the only place such language gets used?  Does it not get used in the halls of the school?  Maybe we should give all the female students earmuffs.

What’s more, if you’ve got a 55-player football team, then the laws of probability pretty much ensure at least a few of them get aroused by men, and they’re even allowed into the showers with their teammates!  Best kick all the boys off, lest you promote homosexual lust.  In fact, shutting down the football team entirely seems to be the only way these kids don’t wind up in hell on account of the instincts they were born with (which, if you believe in god, the instincts god designed into them).

I know: maybe we should fire that administrator so all his students don’t learn that being unapologetically discriminatory because of your faith is acceptable?

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