All-female League of Legends team has faces you may recognize.

No Dice Gaming has realized a problem in gaming: there aren’t that many women.  They’re attempting to do something about it as a gaming company by sponsoring the only current all-woman team.  That means sending their team to gaming conferences like E3 and ComicCon to play other competitive teams.

I think this is a spectacular idea, and will hopefully encourage more women to take up the game.  No Dice wasn’t necessarily hunting for hyper-skilled players, but players who can have fun and whose progress can be monitored by women who may be new to the game and get to see new players just like them when watching the DICEttes.  A previous attempt was made to field an all-female team that prioritized finding the top women players.  The result was the team disbanding because they couldn’t get along.  The team No Dice has fielded gets along, has fun, and will be in it for the long haul.

But here’s a twist: the team has faces that many of you will recognize.  Shayrah Akers (playing under the name “Shayrah”), writer at The Secular View and ex-host of the Dogma Debate podcast will be in the jungle.  Michaelyn (playing as “EverlyEvie”), my fiancee, will be playing support.  The remaining players are OnyxPearl at mid, SuicidlGmmyBer at top lane, and BionicWoman at ADC.

They have all started streams so their progress can be watched:



OnyxPearl (will get this URL as soon as her stream is live)



I know most of them (if not all of them) read this blog, so please leave some encouragement in the comments section!  I’ll post links to their streams if I catch them streaming (and may be playing with them).

If you all would like, I’ll even see if I can secure some interviews with the players (and will post their progress along with pics and stories of their adventures touring the country to compete).  🙂

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