American sprinter defies Russia’s anti gay laws.

This made my day:

A top American distance runner dedicated the silver medal he won at the track and field World Championships in Moscow to his gay and lesbian friends, becoming the first athlete to openly defy Russia’s new anti-gay law that outlaws “homosexual propaganda.”

Good for him.

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  • Loqi

    I’m hoping to see a gay pride salute on the podium at the Olympics. Is there such a thing? You’d think I’d know, but I keep missing the Homosexual Agenda meetings where we devise our propaganda.

  • Hungry Heathen

    Glad to see it, and hope there’s more to come. (Looking at you, Ashton Eaton, as you’ve sounded rather reasonable in most of the interviews I’ve seen.)

    I was going to point out that the 800 meters isn’t a sprint, but his 800m pace is probably faster than my 100m pace.