Dawkins Foundation and Secular Coalition Join Forces

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science and the Secular Coalition for America (SCA) have joined forces to promote science, reason, and a secular government.

According to a SCA press release, the two organizations each bring something very important to the table: “the Secular Coalition’s strong nonprofit and strategic planning experience, and the Dawkins Foundation’s strong web and social media savvy, scientific expertise, and broad outreach.”

A list of collaborative events is scheduled to take place in September and October through the SCA’s regularly-scheduled Capitol Hill Briefing program.

The SCA will help the Dawkins Foundation, which has existed in the United States as a private foundation, reorganize as a public foundation. (The UK analog of the Dawkins Foundation is unaffected by the partnership.) The reorganization should both broaden the donor base and reorganize the Board of Directors. Secular Coalition Executive Director Edwina Rogers and Deputy Director Aisha Goss will work in conjunction with the Dawkins Foundation and serve as management of the Dawkins Foundation during the partnership.



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  • 23cal

    Considering your opposition to Edwina Rogers, what is your opinion on this?

    • JTEberhard

      Personally, the fact that I’m unimpressed by Edwina has nothing to do with my wanting the SCA to succeed despite her. Hopefully an affiliation with the RDF can help that to happen.

    • Anne Orsi

      SCA fulfills a definite need for 501(c)(3) organizations like the Dawkins
      Foundation and local secularist groups alike- it is organized to lobby
      and influence the political process, while educational nonprofits are
      effectively prohibited from engaging in such activities.

      The fact that these two organizations have temporarily joined forces is
      interesting, especially since RDFRS has temporarily turned over critical
      management to the SCA during its reorganization. I don’t think this
      temporary joining of forces means that RDFRS is becoming a part of the
      SCA or that the work RDFRS does will be influenced by the SCA. The two
      entities share a common goal, but approach it differently.

      It’s my understanding that Rogers and Goss will handle the mechanics of the structural reorganization, not change anything about the RDFRS mission or policy.