Finally a real miracle: science textbooks in Texas are sound on evolution.

The battle in Texas is not over.  Right now the state board of education is packed with people who make a living telling credulous people that evolution is not true.  However, for the time being, things are a-ok according to science educators.

“It appears that publishers have done a good job resisting political pressure to weaken instruction on evolution with junk science in their new textbooks,” said Kathy Miller, president of the TFN Education Fund. “That should be reassuring for parents who want their kids to get a science education that prepares them for college and a 21st century economy. But we’re already seeing signs that the pressure on publishers will increase in the coming months.”

The TFN Education Fund asked science doctoral candidates at UT-Austin and SMU to review more than a dozen biology textbooks and online products publishers submitted for consideration by the State Board of Education (SBOE) in April. Their reviews found that the textbooks and online materials affirm evolution as factual, mainstream science. In addition, the textbooks reject arguments that the fossil record and a wealth of other scientific evidence are insufficient to support evolution.

I’ll take “things I didn’t expect” for a hundred, Alex.

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  • Jeff

    So does this mean Texas will actually be using those books, or just that the publishers are declining to print fundamentalism’s strawman version of evolution?

  • Loqi

    There’s some good news. However, the cynic in me is expecting this story in the near future:
    Today, Rick Perry signed the We Don’t Need No Book Learning Act into law, banning the use of textbooks in Texas classrooms. The new law is a huge step in Texas lawmakers’ mission to make sure there are enough ignorant people to keep re-electing them for years to come.

    • stop2wonder

      Governor Perry might also call for an emergency session of the board of education to have a new vote on it.

      Afterwards, they will probably expect Kathy Miller to pay for it all.

  • Mick

    The fundie teachers know they have the whole State behind them. They’ll preach as much religion in the classroom as they want – probably without repercussions.

    • Craig

      Yep. The textbooks can state the facts, but it’s how these facts are presented by the teaches that will make or break the kids’ education.