Mark Shea posts an answered prayer.

My grandmother used to really like reading the National Enquirer, so maybe it’s genetic, but I really look forward to reading Mark Shea’s blog every morning.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  Today he has praise for a fulfilled prayer request:

A reader writes:

I just wanted to let you and your readers know that my friend’s father, for whom we prayed a couple of weeks ago before his emergency brain surgery, is doing superbly! The surgery was a success, but now they need to move forward with diagnosing the nature of the tumor and pursuing treatment. Continued prayers are appreciated. Thanks be to God!

Thank you Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Continue the good work you have begun in him to completion in Christ Jesus. Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for him. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

Yeah, you should’ve seen the brain before the doctors got a hold of it, when only god could tamper with it.  The person’s father went to the doctors because god was doing a shit job on his own and relying exclusively on the lord’s beneficence would’ve resulted in death.

But add in doctors employing the products of human ingenuity?  All of a sudden god is great.  Gag me.


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  • Jasper

    “… before the doctors god a hold of it”

    It was the church/family who god a hold of it first

    • Jasper

      Bah, you beat me to it

      • baal

        The squirrel speaks to itself?

      • invivoMark

        I beat me to a lot of things, too.

      • Rain

        Where is the moose?

  • Jasper

    I’m going to pray to God that my car will be clean, then wash my car, and then attribute the car being clean to him.

    I actually fell subject to this phenomenon myself, once.

    Back in 8th grade, it was really important to me to win 1st place in my school’s science fair for a third year. Ironically, I was a believer at the time. I wanted to win so badly that I bargained with God.. I promised I wouldn’t swear anymore, and I’d read the Bible (and I did – most of it at the time).

    … and guess what? I won – and “Best of Show”, and 4th place in the regional science fair.

    … so I read the Bible (most of it), and stopped swearing (for a fucking while).

    It wasn’t until years later that I realized that I had misattributed the success. It was a simple correlation/causation error. Not only was I bargaining with God, but I was also *working really hard*. It was a pretty good life lesson about how one’s mind can inaccurately understand reality.

    • BrandonUB

      I’m going to pray to God that my car will be clean, then wash my car, and then attribute the car being clean to him.

      I’m going to pray to God that my car be clean, not wash my car, and then declare that my car being dirty was God’s will.

      • Artor

        I have god’s will all over my car, and it’s quite a mess.

  • baal

    St. Peregrine, {insert google} ah, patron saint of cancer.

    Is this praying with the name of the saints like a pokemon battle? If you have a fire related enemy, you pull out your earth type saint to counter it? Can you cheat by stacking saints? Maybe you could use 2 water related ones at put out the fire that way. ANNNND if you can invoke the two most powerful cards in the deck (saints in the sanctuary?) why do you need a host of saint backin’ up from behind?

    • Artor

      Fool of a Took!

  • invivoMark

    Thank you, God, for the years of hard work and education that a neurosurgeon went through to become proficient enough at his craft, and for the lifetimes of effort of the thousands of scientists whose dedication, rigor, and personal sacrifice gave us the knowledge to successfully save people’s lives.

    • Loqi

      And for coming up with a design so shitty that it develops things like brain cancer in order to motivate us to devise the technology required to fix your fuck ups, thereby proving how great you are. Praise Jesus.

    • EvolutionKills

      I keep praying to God to save me from his followers…

      I wonder why it doesn’t seem to work?

      • Zinc Avenger

        Sorry, I used up all the atheist prayer allowance with Voltaire’s prayer.

  • Rain

    but I really look forward to reading Mark Shea’s blog every morning. It’s a guilty pleasure.

    That works out great for us because you read his blog, and then we don’t have to. Great public service.

  • Gehennah

    Great job god. I mean it doesn’t mean that out of the 10 people on the surgeon’s staff, each one had different religious beliefs. The doctor’s skills, education, and experience played absolutely no role in the surgery, it was only god.

    Hell, you should have sent him to a priest for the brain surgery instead of an actual surgeon.

  • Art_Vandelay

    Fuck me, Sam! Man…I love that song so much.

    • bigcheeese

      I will listen to it at least once a week,a nd usaully just keep humming it at random points.