More facebook fun.

My friend Michele posted about the Schiables and the judge not letting them off.  One of her friends came onto the post and said:

So upsetting, tragic, wrong, and just plain stupid. If God exists (and my best guess is He does but I don’t want to debate that here) He works through people He’s created (doctors!) and what we’ve accomplished with modern medicine. It’s like that old, ironic joke about the drowning man refusing all this help people are offering because, “God will save him.”

I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t let it go.

In a universe where god didn’t exist, where all we could rely on were other people, you’d see us depending on doctors, fireman, etc. for all of our problems to be solved. A god who “works through them” in that way is no different from god not existing.

What’s even more ironic is the people who claim we must believe in this god to avoid eternal torment, but who believe in a god that purposefully makes his existence identical to his non-existence. Such a god is cruel to the extreme and we should be grateful it doesn’t exist.

And I’ve heard the joke [name deleted] mentioned.

Have you heard the atheist version of the joke? It goes like this:

“The man in a row boat came by and told the man on the stoop to get in and he’d save him. The man on the stoop said “Ok” and got in.”

And that’s the rub. When we act like there’s no god in the world (i.e.: we take sick people to doctors, we invent satellite weather radar to predict the paths of hurricanes rather than relying on the architect of those hurricanes to warn us, etc.) we always do much better as a society.

I suspect this is because trusting in things that aren’t there is a recipe for disaster.  Better to rely on our own minds and upon other people.  Even if neither is perfect, they’re better than nothing.

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