North Carolina voters hate the government they elected.

When the Tea Party came to power in many local and state governments in 2010, many GOP voters were elated – which included most of the people in North Carolina.  But then something unexpected happened – the GOP candidates they elected started doing shitty things and now the denizens of North Carolina are very put out:

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, should be humbling for the state’s elected officials. Fifty-four percent of voters disapprove of the legislature’s efforts, which include new abortion restrictions, redistricting to bolster Republican candidates, and limits on the ability to vote. Fixty-six percent oppose what the Republicans have done while having control of the state government. Half of the state thinks the legislature is an embarrassment.

But, but…they said they were going to focus on creating jobs!  Just like the GOP on the federal level who have yet to submit a single jobs bill, but plenty on abortion and Obamacare.  How could anybody have forseen this?  How could they have known that once the GOP was in power that they’d focus on restrictive anti-abortion legislation and go to whatever unethical lengths necessary to cement their power?  I mean, it’s not like that’s what they’ve been doing since the early 90s…

Yes, I’m afraid they lied to you.  And, sadly, North Carolina has no means to recall leaders who lie during their campaigns to get into office.  Maybe next time don’t just vote for the candidate waving the biggest cross?  Far from that cross making them incapable of lying, it’s often a tool used by liars to convince the church-goers that they are trustworthy and vested in their well-being.

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