Republicans have a complaint, but won’t let Democrats fix it.

Democrats: “Help us help you.”
Republicans: “No.”

Republicans have been so desperate to criticize the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) that they have repeatedly gone so far as to make things up.  However, recently they’ve found a ruby in their mountain of rocks and uncovered a legitimate complaint.

The problem is that under the law clergy and church employees at smaller churches cannot apply their Obamacare subsidies toward the premiums for church insurance plans because those plans do not qualify. That could force clergy and staff to leave their church insurance plans and use the Obamacare exchanges instead, threatening to rob church insurance plans of the participants they need to remain viable.

This is true, and boy, has the GOP used this one fair criticism to rail on about how all of Obamacare is broken.  Being a legitimate problem, the Democrats are saying they will fix it:

Legislation by Sens. Mark Pryor (D-AR) and Chris Coons (D-DE) would fix this problem by allowing Obamacare premium subsidies to be applied toward church plans that meet coverage requirements. It would also deem qualified church plans as satisfying the law’s coverage mandates.

Makes sense.  The Republicans have a legit issue, the Democrats agree and want to fix it.  Bipartisan cooperation at last!  Wait, what’s that, Republican party?

An effort by Democrats to fix a glitch under Obamacare that harms small churches is widely expected to be blocked by Republicans, in what would be the latest example of GOP efforts to undermine President Obama’s signature legislative achievement by refusing to fix technical problems encountered during implementation.


“We’re not expecting it to get a vote — at least not anytime soon,” said Coons spokesman Ian Koski. “The climate is such right now that Republicans would rather repeal the law than fix it. They’re more interested in leaving this loophole open as part of their strategy to undermine the Affordable Care Act. They can go out there now and say the Affordable Care Act is bad for churches instead of working with us to fix the problem.”

And the GOP wonders why it’s presently boned in federal elections.  Maybe it’s shit like this: willingness to leave problems unfixed (i.e. not do their jobs) in order to secure job security.  I don’t know if I’m more hacked of at Republicans, the system that allows for this, or the legions of voters who have been stripped by blind loyalty of the elementary intelligence required to not be taken in by this ploy.

It kind of reminds me of this scene (ironically, the GOP is the black guy):

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