Texas considering making three-hour adoption course mandatory before getting an abortion.

A law proposed by Eddie Lucio, a Texas Democrat (and the only one to vote for the recent set of ludicrous abortion laws in Texas), would make a three-hour long course on adoption mandatory before a woman would be eligible for an abortion.

Lucio does not even attempt to hide his motivation:

Lucio claimed that his introduction of the bill is simply a means to suggest adoption as an alternative to abortion. “It is my hope that, when presented with more information on adoption resources and services available, more pregnancies can be carried to term,” he said. “I am fully aware that this bill, filed on the last day of the second special legislative session, will not immediately pass. However, I intend to continue advocating adoption as an alternative.”

Yes, because a pregnant woman might not know that adoption is an alternative.  It may never have crossed her mind.  The hundreds of dollars an abortion costs didn’t deter her, but the prospect of having to sit in a room dicking around on her cell phone for three hours?  What woman wouldn’t go through the agony of labor in order to avoid that?*

Or she might just know that around the world there are an estimated 153 million orphans; that in the U.S. 400,540 children are living without permanent families in the foster care system, with  115,000 of those children being eligible for adoption; that each year over 27,000 youth “age out” of foster care; and that as of 2011, nearly 60,000 children in foster care in the U.S. are placed in institutions or group homes, not in traditional foster homes, and she might not want to suffer the hours of excruciating pain in child birth for the privilege of contributing to those problems.

I wonder if they’ll teach that in their course on adoption.**

And one can only speculate when Eddie Lucio will propose legislation to improve the adoption he’s so eager to burden with more babies*** – babies that have a decent chance to grow into poorly adjusted teens and adults languishing in the foster care system.

A zygote is simply not a person.  A person can experience the world around them, it can suffer its own loss and have a conscious relationship with its environment.  A zygote cannot do these things.  Prior to about the 26 week mark when the the cerebral cortex begins to develop and the fetus becomes neurologically active it cannot even feel pain (for the record, I support abortion bans, with a few sensible exceptions, beyond the 26 week mark for that reason).  But before that time an abortion creates no greater suffering than the killing of cells when you scratch your nose.  In this light an unwanted zygote is definitely not worth the pain of giving birth, let alone all the other things that come with delivering an unwanted pregnancy to term.

*  All of them.

**  No I don’t.  They won’t.

***  Not anytime soon.

To read the majority of my opinions on abortion, see my debate with Timothy Dalrymple here and here.

Sure, adoption is grand.  But there are far more kids than willing parents and carrying a child to term is costly and painful.  Why should anyone be expected to do that for a child they don’t want?  Why should one woman have to suffer so someone else can have a kid when there are already more than enough to adopt?  What’s more, the capability of a society to keep population growth in check without abortion has proven to be non-existent.  A few countries exist where abortion is illegal and the product of much greater shame that what Christians have managed here in the states, and all of them have overcrowding problems along with all the economic, criminal, and political troubles that come with it.  This is especially clear when compared to countries where abortion is legal.

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