That didn’t take long…

Two days ago I wrote about how the state of New Jersey refused American Atheists President David Silverman his ATHE1ST vanity license plate on the grounds that it was offensive.  Here you can see a copy of the rejection letter and Silverman’s appeal letter.

I just received a press release from American Atheists with an update.   From the release:

A reporter early Wednesday afternoon contacted Silverman to tell him that his application had been approved, and soon afterward a spokesperson from the Commission called to confirm it.

That was, at most, 24 hours after Silverman submitted his letter.  It’s amazing how fast bureaucracy can work with sufficient motivation, ain’t it?  :)

  • Highlander

    Remarkable, a governmental agency that realizes they made a boom-boom in their pants and rather than stand there denying they stink they went and changed their pants.

  • M. Elaine

    That 5-minute conversation with the lawyers (rounded up to 15 minutes for billing purposes, of course) was a lot cheaper than what Silverman’s lawsuit would’ve cost them.