A father’s devotion opens the doorway for his genius daughter.

It’s been a pretty depressing day in JT-land, so here’s a feel good story.  The impoverished father of a young girl (the father makes about $3.50 US per day) sold his family’s land to pay for her schooling in the hopes that she could ascend to the country’s middle class.  Young Sushma Verma applied herself diligently and turned out to be a bit of a savant.  At the age of 7 she finished high school, and by 13 had earned her undergraduate degree in biology.

She wanted to become a doctor, but there’s a snag:

Her first choice was to become a doctor, but she cannot take the test to qualify for medical school until she is 18.

“So I opted for the MSc and then I will do a doctorate,” she said.

She’s now pursuing her master’s degree in microbiology.  What a wonderful young girl, and what a devoted father.

Where does morality come from?  Loving others.  Caring about those around us.  In debates my religious opponents often insist that self-sacrifice is impossible without believing that paradise awaits a person in return.  That is a wretched pile of deprecating bullshit to all of humanity.  We sacrifice because we care so greatly for others.  That is all we need – love.

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