Australia has some rad politicians too!

Ok, so we can’t have the same appreciation of having scientific genius present in our government as Italy, but maybe would could have some politicians who aren’t so afraid of losing the vote of religious fundamentalists that they’ll shoot them down in a ball of flame like Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd:

Added Rudd: “Sit your bigoted ass down.”

It drives me nuts every time somebody presents a clear argument and only gets “We believe the bible” in response.

And also, Rudd’s argument wasn’t even that good.  So what if homosexuality is a choice a person makes (it’s not)?  People choose to pierce their ears and we let them marry.  People choose to do all sorts of “unnatural” things and we don’t stop consenting adults from marrying on account of them.  You never hear someone say “The bible doesn’t say anything about video games, so a couple that enjoys doing this unnatural thing and chooses to do it together shouldn’t be allowed to marry.”  By placing arbitrary standards on who can get married, we are essentially saying that a person is only allowed to be attracted by the same things as those who make the laws, and not for any good reason.

So a couple of dudes enjoys spending time together touching the other person’s penis.  This has no more of an impact on their relationship than the sodomy their straight next door neighbors engage in.  Pleasure is pleasure.  Stop acting like pleasure between two consenting adults in a way that’s unappealing to you is grounds for inequality whether they choose their desires or not (they don’t).

  • Peter Billing

    This was a great take down, to be sure. But one clarification. He’s only come to this epiphany a couple of months ago. He was PM for 3 years before being deposed. He could’ve got the law through during that time if he had the guts. His change of heart was, coincidentally, only a couple of weeks before he successfully challenged for his party’s leadership and became PM again. Our election is this Saturday and he’s about to be beaten by a hard-right neo-con, so it’ll be a while before we get another window like he just let slide.

    In short, he’s not as rad as all that.

  • sparkyb

    I agree with you, JT. Not only does it not matter if it is a choice, it also doesn’t matter if you think it is wrong. As a Christian you may think the bible says gay marriage is wrong, so don’t get gay married. There are many other things the bible says are wrong that you wouldn’t do yourself, but why is the the only one you also try to stop other people from doing? If you aren’t making it illegal to be Muslim or Atheist why can’t I be free to get married to another man too? I’m already going to hell in your eyes and you didn’t try to use the law to stop me before.