Child abuse in plain sight.

I’ve been up since 3am thanks to being sick.  It’s good for catching up on reading and for being more cynical than usual.

I saw this video on Maryam Namazie’s blog.  It’s a child giving a sermon in defense of the Koran.  I have no idea what she’s saying and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t either:

Maryam breaks it down concisely and flawlessly:

Think about it, this little girl could have been playing, swimming, dancing… were she born in another family.

On the upside, having her childhood taken away should prepare her for a society that robs women of their personal autonomy as adults.

It is no secret to religious leaders, regardless of the faith, that people generally become religious when they are children.  The Good News Clubs, for instance, target children ages 4-14 because that is when they are most likely to believe.  I know they think they are saving these children from the fires of hell, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are corrupting these kids and having them recite lines that mean no more to them than the pledge of allegiance at that age.  And when children are used as the young girl in the video is being used, it could not say more of what faith can do to the consciences of adults.  Children should be protected, not used.

Sadly, whether it’s parents who believe in faith-healing or parents who saw off their naughty bits, the abusers of children are often given far more legal protection than their progeny because humanity is so damn eager to bow at the altar of faith.

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