Christian radio host: go to gay marriages to tell couples to die.

Spending a life with the person you love is a great avenue to happiness.  It doesn’t pick anybody else’s pocket or prevent anybody else from being married in the way they want, it only creates happiness.  Kevin Swanson knows just what to do with people who pursue happiness in a way he does not approve of:

Taking a page from Gordon Klingenschmitt, who said that photographers should print “worthy of death” on photos of the weddings of same-sex couples, Swanson said that guests can “attend the wedding and hold up the sign Leviticus 20:13 word for word: ‘If a man sleeps with a man as he sleeps with a woman the two of them have committed an abomination and they shall both be put to death.’ You could attend a wedding and hold up that sign.”

Bakeries, such as the Oregon cake shop that refused service to a gay couple, can do the same thing: “If you bake a cake for a homosexual wedding you can put Leviticus 20:13 on the cake.”

More moderate Christians will shrug this off.  He’s just a lunatic!  Of course, they believe the man who rose from the dead (who really speaks to them) has an entirely different set of commands, and they will consider themselves far more reasonable than Swanson.

The irony is that Swanson is citing the bible directly, to the letter.  This will be excused by the same moderates who say that Jesus unmade all that barbarity.  What the moderates won’t say is that god was morally wrong when he did command such a thing.  And they will skip away content that their morality is unmarred.

About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • Zinc Avenger

    The Koran’s instructions to judge people as being worthy of death are evidence of an irrefutably vile and irredeemably evil philosophy. The Bible’s instructions to judge people as being worthy of death are totes different. Coz love.

    • Loqi

      They’re not even close to the same thing. One is primarily white people judging those who are different than them, while the other is mostly brown people judging those who are different. One is family values loves America, while the other is terrorist hate our freedom.

      • Zinc Avenger

        Suddenly it all makes sense.

        • Lurker111

          Yeah, I think Loqi’s snark meter is off. But he/she does make a point.

          • baal

            Loqi uses male pronouns and is a ‘he’.

  • SansDeus

    Hearing crap like this makes me want to offer photography sessions or become a minister (just for marriage ceremonies) and offer my services gratis to gay couples.

  • tubi11

    Can just random people come in off the street and sit in on a wedding? At ours we knew who was supposed to be there, mostly, but even if someone slipped in, I’d think the giant posterboard they’re carrying would be an issue.

    • Zinc Avenger

      The law and common decency doesn’t apply to Christians.

  • Bear Millotts

    Yeah, ’cause that ain’t rude, telling people on their wedding day they’re worthy of death. I’m sure these same folks will show up at department stores and dry cleaners to let people know which clothes are worthy of death and which aren’t.

    I so need a mixed fabric t-shirt that reads “Worthy of death. Lev 19.19″

  • fude

    i am against same sex marriage…where do i sign up or is my vote and opinion not relevant anymore?

    • ThatCanadian

      No Fude, I hate to break it to you, but your opinion is NOT relevant anymore. The world keeps a changin I’m afeared lol. Superstition is slowly (much more slowly in Places like Afganistan and America) being replaced by science and enlightenment. Your opinion belongs in the same bin as slavery and racism. You have the right to bleive any thiest philosophy you like. You DO NOT have the right to impose it on others.

      • fude

        Tell me then how is Gay marriage beneficial to the human race ? using your pseudo science and enlightenment ?

        (BTW. i am so glad for this site as i cannot find any news website where comments are not moderated (ie. moderators skewing the opinions of what is acceptable or not)

        i see Gays an Lesbians as people who are always try to be different from others in mannerism and dressing, you expect me to believe they are fighting so hard to be part of the mainstream sense of Normality ? Forgive me but once all these same sex marriage debacle is over, this “flamboyant” group will find always another way to express them self so that they are not “Boring”.

        there is introvert , extrovert and then there is gay the science is called psychology.

        i do not want my children exposed to a twisted form of sex education which is design to de-populate the earth.
        This unnatural non scientific way of life is an imposition.

        i am not a Lemming driven to the need of extinction. Do not be one too !

        • ThatCanadian

          Well Fude, it’s like this see. Gays have been around as long as mammals. They didn’t choose to be “different” any more than you and I chose to be straight. DE POPULATION? Seriously? Check the stats Fude, NON issue.
          Being different, well there’s something that’s allways pissed people off, and “flamboyant” well that should still be punishable by stoning shouldn’t it LOL!
          Christians can bash science all they want, the thing they can’t do is make it go away. Your kids will grow up in a world where all this gay bashing will be view the same way that segragation is viewed today and all the bronze age religions in the world can’t stop it. Of course nothing will change your view because you were brainwashed from birth to BELIEVE!!!! Eventually the world will put the “modern” religions in the same bin as all the anchient gods before them. At least that’s my hope.
          As for “beneficial to society” Who really cares. How much of what goes on in your country is “beneficial to society”.
          Quit trying to ram your religions down our throats.
          Burkas and gay bashing belong in the same place, HISTORY!

          • fude

            Hahaha if you put it that way, Crime has also always been around “since mammals” that doesn’t make it right and does not mean we have to endorse it as a norm. Many serial murderers too will claim innocences they didn’t chose to be “different” any more than you.

            Well there are inherent truths out there and i don’t think you can really call education “brain washing”.

            Kids do need to be taught what is right or wrong, if we as adults leave kids without education we would all go back living in caves. And if the curriculum changes to encourage this new lifestyle what do you think will happen ?

            Society should be progressive, we do see alot of deviant behaviours throughout history and these should not be taken as a norm.

            You should be appreciative of your fortunes like having to use a computer to voice your opinion here, your fortunes are brought about by people with a sense of purpose and have care to society enough to enable your safety on the streets. And not the Helter Skelter type of attitude you propose all of us should follow.
            DEPOPULATION does exist , do a research on the death squads in Brazil, official police culling street children at night, i am just stating legalising gay marriage is also part of the bigger plan for Depopulation. By soon educating children that they may be gay and “brainwashing” them to accept that this is caused by their genes not just their thinking will drive more weak willed people to be gay.
            (If gays are gays because they cannot help themselves as it is part of their genetic make up then explain to me bi-sexuality then.)
            Humans have a very high affinity to love and care for one another irregardless, but educating young minds to think that is purely a sexual orientation is wrong.

            Anyway i really have no issue with Burkas, especially in countries where sandstorms normally occur.

          • fude

            A thought bubble:
            Society is changing, but it is no longer the masses of people creating changes but a few powerful individuals who control what we see, hear and make us believe. (look at the one sided viewpoints on the same sex marriage in mainstream news! People are now afraid to openly say this is not right !)

            If these powerful people are “Twisted” mentally
            (perhaps through their exposure to easy money, drugs , sex and encouragement of deviant behaviours to make life interesting for themselves as it is very easy to be bored when you are rich)
            Do you think the changes made for society would be for the betterment of men ?

          • ThatCanadian

            Wow! That’s a lot to answer to.
            Obvious wrongs are obvious wrongs. If I rob you, kill you, hurt you or your loved ones that’s WRONG.
            If I behave “differntly” from you, i.e practice the wrong religion or display the wrong sexual preference, in many countrys it is a “CRIME” That does not make the laws just or right. The fact that being gay or an athiest was punishable by death in the Bible doesn’t make it right.
            I didn’t call education brainwashing. I call teaching children religion as an absolute fact, and then telling them that other people are less human than them because they don’t subscribe to the same archaic superstitions as you, is brainwashing. Christianity and Islam are the guiltiest of it.
            The anti gay laws all stem back to the old testament.
            Society ever so slowly gets generally more PROGRESSIVE. That’s why we’re leaving the old ideas, put together thousands of years ago by some men who hacked out an empire in a desert in the middle east where the belong, IN THE PAST.
            Powerful people in high places steering society is nothing new. It’s been happening since we were hunter gatherers. I don’t really see the tie in to Gay Marriage? The truth is, in general the mainstream society view is turning in favor of treating gays like equals. The tide is turning and at least in “Progressive” countries this will soon be viewed the same as discriminating on the basis of race or religion.
            Teaching kids not to discriminate against gays is not going to make more kids gay!!!!! Would you turn gay just because someone said it was okay???? If you would, then you already are and it’s time to start being honest with yourself.
            The Bi-sexual thing gets the same answer as being born gay. Apparently something got crossed up somewhere. Most people are right handed, I’m a lefty. In the past that was view as EVIL. I didn’t choose to be left handed. I came that way. Left handed and hetrosexual. I don’t really want to change either. I also don’t feel threatened by gays or right handed people.
            The world population is exploding, except apparently in Brazil? I don’t think a few gays tying the knot is going to put a real dent in that.

          • fude

            Yes i agree. Gay Marriage is obviously wrong.

            It was progression in society that enforced monogamy, putting a minimum age to marriage, giving the legal age to consensual sex, increasing our life span by scientific breakthroughs like x-ray, penicillin, face transplants for accident victims,better health care, Genetic modified foods to ensure we can sustain a population growth, removing the death penalty, human rights law on torture and privacy, curing cancer with great success, all these with the aim of increasing our life span and the obvious focus of procreation.

            It is only in recent times that “society” or should i say powerful men with deviant minds steered society into accepting the pill, legalised prostitution, abortion, gay sex and now gay marriage and soon the topic of euthanasia and weak debates on how to define who has the right to live or not, that torture is now ok to a certain limit (like accidental death ?). And make us believe that Kids who are just hyperactive or react to preservatives in food actually have a psychological problem and should be treated with heavy dose of drugs to keep them acting “normal”.

            All these deviation have passed as we chose to look the other way.

            i have close friends who were straight until something happened to them along the way,like a broken heart that caused them to become gay and dependent on anti depressant drugs …etc

            Being left handed or right handed makes you a different race??? Try talking to people who lost both arms and see them eating using their feet to handle a spoon to eat their cereal or wear a t-shirt.

          • fude

            Marriage is between man and women who have agreed to be together and perhaps with an aim to procreate. And an agreement not to create children outside their partnership.

            Gay marriage would just be an agreement for same sex couples to only masturbate each other and no one else.

          • ThatCanadian

            Well Fude, if you’re going to keep throwing out history you may want to study up on it a bit. It would be a lot easier to argue that prostitution was legal throughout most of recorded history and it was only after the adoption of religion that it became illegal. The pill? Not sure where that came from, but you think birth control is a bad thing too?
            Powerful men with deviant minds steering society. Sounds like the church during the dark ages! Nothing new there.
            Anyway I think I’m done here. I know your mind set. I used to talk the same. Then I actually had to meet some of the people.
            They’re just human beings like you. Only they are hated and discriminated against. Nothing anyone can say will change your mind. You want to deny rights to a minority. It’s been happening since man started walking upright. Slowly we’re leaving it behind.

          • fude

            Of course they are human beings, they were once normal people who decided to be the way they are for whatever reasons they have.

            Just don’t impose this to others by changing laws and affect the majority for no main purpose.

            1) I have known friends who can talk the same way they have from growing up and switch to the effeminate way when in the gay crowd with added hand gestures, exaggerated walks all added on. Anyone can start talking the way they talk, the gestures…etc. it is a choice they make.

            2) Anyway, my girl friends during their high school years i recall have been approach by older lesbians outside her school, apparently this is a normal practice for older gay women to wait outside high schools to prey on young impressionable girls and groom them to be gay, by making it seem like it is a cool thing to do so.

            Being impressionable, curious and then having been caressed and cuddled and treated specially affectionately, who does not crave for such an attention ?

            So that is why i debunk the gene disposition theory of gays.

            Off topic:
            Birth control, do we really need it, can’t we as human beings control our urges ? And latest update, the pill ain’t too good for women health after all. if you really love your female partner, you would steer clear of the pill. ( i recall that you are a male person? if not i apologise)

          • Spuddie

            Fude, we know the real reason you are against gay marriage. It takes too many men off the market for you.

          • Gehennah

            Crime is different. With crime actually harms another individual. Two consenting adults having sex, does not harm anyone.

        • Gehennah

          Where to start.
          1) Obviously you don’t know many homosexuals. I know quite a few of them, and a majority are not flamboyant, and you wouldn’t know their sexual orientation by just looking at them. They are fighting for equal rights, not the right to make others uncomfortable.
          2) Homosexuals can reproduce, and have been reproducing for quite some time now.
          3) Since homosexuality is found in numerous animal species around the world, it is by its very definition natural.
          4) Please show me evidence that homosexuality will lead to extinction? Its something that they have no control over in the first place, and it is a small percentage of the population.

          • fude

            urm, to answer to your interesting question #4
            maybe by experimenting perhaps, try keeping two male rats as pets. my guess is both will die of all old age without babies to take after them. do prove me wrong.

    • Spuddie

      When you start voting for measures and politicians who advocate treating others as less than people based on such opinions.

  • fude

    following conspiracy theories… it makes sense that the Government is pushing for same sex marriages. Same sex marriages is part of the main plan for DE-POPULATION. Along past government initiatives on contraception, sex eduction and encouraging countries to have one child policy and the empowerment of women to focus on their career so that they do not have time to think of having families. (and including the diminishing role of the mother figure in cartoons by Disney)

    • Spuddie

      You’re either an idiot or a poe spammer.

  • fude

    wow same sex marriage is such an important matter far surpassing any thing else like health reform or education reform that it has been fast-tracked within a small span of less than a year to change all the laws of a country, all definition in all dictionaries and all written books and soon any education of the future generation This will also enforce acceptance of behaviours that has been restrained in public arena all this while.

    Kudos to those who made this happen in such a fast manner, we should we pass all critical matters like the economy to this group as they sure know how to fast track through all red tape and have support of every news ! There is no main stream media opposing this agenda !. Julia or Kevin you should have made friends with the powers of this unseen force !

    Do let me know who these group of people are, i sure do not want to step on their toes !

    • Spuddie

      Its funny how conservative politicians oppose all three. But same sex marriage has been building up for 30+ years. Saying its “fast tracked” is pretty fucking ignorant on your part.

  • fude

    The proponents of the same sex agenda even manage to quell all resistance from all the major religions of the world and even politician who publicly ridicule this matter have to apologise and some resign. With this force my children may soon have to tell every one they are gay to fit in the prominent crowd even though they are not !

    • Havok

      Yes, because people are being forced to say they’re gay just to fit in.

      Nothing quite like some ignorant bigoted hysteria to start the day :-)

  • fude

    From the media, online and mainstream.

    I do not see any written report strongly against
    same sex marriages.

    I only see news of public figures having to
    apologies or resign from their post for publicly opposing this agenda.

    I have to rub my eyes in disbelief. Am I living
    in a communist state where there is only ONE opinion? One voice. One belief. And any opposition is quelled or not
    even reported.

    • baal

      hrm, to be a bigot or not….
      so very hard to sort that one out.

    • Spuddie

      The hardships of being bigoted. I am sure you can cry in your beer about it with David Duke.

  • fude

    I also think Bikie Gang members are just a large group of repressed gay men who love to be close with their same sex members and have and excuse to do things closely together, get drunk, dance , walk close together, whisper and speak softly to each other, hug each other, wear the same clothes and fashion….ride their expensive and noisy bikes together to show the world they are coming.

    And then act violently, have fights in public, (like jealous lovers) to show people that they are not gay.

    if you are a member of a bike gang…please don’t go out to hit on me as my hypothesis is based on the fact that these Bikie gangs have large numbers of male members, perhaps thousands of men who act real macho and what not but….if they are not gay, you would expect to see larger numbers of their members speaking out against same sex marriage don’t you think ?