Christopher Lee sings.

I have bad news: your life was not complete before this moment.

I also have good news: I have the medicine, and it’s this video clip.

That song is now in your head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.

The clip is from an Australian film called The Return of Captain Invincible and the song was composed by Richard O’Brien (most of you who have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show know him as Riff Raff, though maybe not all of you know that he wrote The Rocky Horror Picture Show).  And let’s be honest, even if you knew nothing about theory or composition, we can all probably hear O’Brien’s very distinctive style in this song.

Christopher Lee is a classically trained bass, for what it’s worth.  For other trivia, he’s also fluent in five languages (and can get by in three more).

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  • Ubi Dubium

    Thank you, I needed that. I’ve had “What Does the Fox Say?” repeating in my head ever since it showed up on SATW and it’s been driving me crazy! The best way to get rid of an earworm is to replace it with a different one, so I hope this works.

  • Artor

    Lee has actually released a couple of albums of his music. Apparently, he’s rather fond of death metal.

    • GCBill

      I have both of the Charlemagne albums.

      …sadly, they’re awful. Though his voice is in great shape for 90.

  • Matt Dillahunty

    And now I’m heading off to listen to the Shock Treatement soundtrack again…

    • Spuddie

      Oh yes! That movie aged better than Rocky Horror has. Of course it could also be my all abiding passion for Jessica Harper’s work during that period talking (Suspira, Phantom of the Paradise and My Favorite Year)

  • SansDeus

    LOVED The Return of Captain Invincible!
    Especially the Bullshit song.
    My overly religious parents brought the movie home from the only Beta Max video rental store in town thinking it was kid safe.

    Then they let me watch it alone. Those idiots!

  • GCBill

    NOW your life is complete.

  • JethroElfman

    Here he is as Saruman trolling on the tower. It’s Eduard Khil doing the voice, but it sure sounds like Lee. I won’t afflict you with the one of Count Dooku doing the song.

  • Kevin R. Cross

    I’ve loved this film since I first caught it on late-night TV in the 90′s. “Choose Your Poison” is probably the best of the musical pieces, but there are plenty of good ones.

  • DavidMHart

    Wait – who on earth doesn’t know that Richard O’Brien wrote The Rocky Horror Picture Show? That’s, like, the second thing you learn about Richard O’Brien. Assuming you’re of the generation that watched team after team of incompetents fail to win at the Crystal Maze. Seriously … either they made the games look a lot easier for the audience than they really were, or they hand-picked the participants for ineptitude.

  • Paul May

    That, and it’s an /Australian/ superhero movie.

  • Stev84