Cranston to get new banners. People who said it wasn’t about god are hacked off the new murals don’t include god.

The same graduating class which provided Cranston West High School with their nefarious prayer murals which Jessica Ahlquist so bravely challenged (a challenge in which she was declared the swift victor by a conservative Catholic judge) has gifted the school two new banners which don’t break the law.

The mural does not contain any religious words. It urges students to “foster an atmosphere of goodwill and respect,” among a series of positive messages.

As my father put it int he comments of the article: This atheist would like to offer Kudos to the class of ’63 for having the dignity and grace to accept the court’s decision and to take a positive step to mend and move on.

Of course, not everybody has moved on.  The inclusion of banners which just contain the admonition to exhibit goodwill and respect, and say nothing about god, just aren’t enough for a lot of people.  Leave it to those supposedly on the moral high ground to piss and moan as if good will and respect don’t mean anything if you’re not including god on the mural somewhere.  Wasn’t that the argument before: “why would Jessica complain when the murals have such a wholesome message?”  Well, now you have banners with the wholesome message but without the legally dubious parts, and suddenly these same people don’t seem to give much of a shit about the wholesome message.  Straaaaaaaange.

And these same people have now taken to twitter to tell Jessica what a selfish and evil little thing she is (I guess the judge who ruled against the school must also be selfish…or maybe these people are all legally ignorant).  Anyway, my favorite tweet at Jessica so far has been this one:


In the process of telling Jessica that she is unenlightened, the guy who is implying that he is more enlightened than she actually misspelled the word “unenlightened”.  The irony award for today goes to you, Kenneth DeLatte.

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