God will have to beg my forgiveness.

I saw this image on facebook and it really hit home.

"If there is a god, he will have to beg my forgiveness" ~ A phrase carved into a concentration camp cell by a Jewish prisoner

I do not understand how this is not the response of every person to travesties.  If god could cure cancer and doesn’t, allowing a person to die without pain rather than with it, then god is not anything that could be considered kind.  The response is that god must have a reason to look on things like the holocaust or children born with AIDS with indifference.  But if it’s a god who cares about being worshiped (as the Christian god clearly does, see the first few commandments) or has a vested interest in being viewed as good (why would god expect humans to worship an evil god?), then he’s obligated to give us that reason.  He hasn’t done it.

The response will come “But maybe we’re not ready for the reason”.  Well who the hell made us incapable of being able to comprehend it?  God could snap his fingers and make us able to comprehend it.  But he hasn’t done it.

If there’s a good reason for god designing suffering of the innocent into existence and then doing nothing to fix it, trot it out.  Otherwise you have no good reason to assure us that god has such a reason.

If you consider it your job to defend god’s goodness, you ought to be grateful god doesn’t exist.

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