Iran bans female champions from League of Legends tournament.

I have a new article up over at The Secular View (you know that feminist atheist site I write for) about Iran’s recent decision to ban all the female champions in League of Legends at the Iran World Cyber Games to comply with religious notions of propriety.  Here’s the take home from the article:

When I was at Reasonfest last year, the Muslim speaker with whom I shared a panel, who has a freaking PhD, declined to shake the hand of a female organizer upon meeting her.  If these are the moral questions that really vex us, whether we can look at women who aren’t covered enough or whether we can shake a woman’s hand, I shudder to think of our chances of tackling things like nuclear proliferation and equal rights.

This is why religion should so offend the mind of any good person – because of its potential to make easily-answered moral questions the subject of intense debate, in which the wrong answer is somehow still achieved.  Religion really does hamstring our moral sense, regardless of how much false hope it may give to its adherents.

Go read the whole thing if you feel so led.  :)

  • baal

    I thought I misread the title there for a second. It sounded like a government of a state cared whether about the sex of a video game player….

    • # zbowman

      Give ‘em time. They’ll find some way to justify it to themselves.

  • unbound55

    Well, they wouldn’t want the general public to perceive the possibility that females can be just as good and valuable as the males. That wouldn’t do at all…