Janet Porter: the IRS will kill conservatives.

There’s nothing I can say here.  There’s no rebuttal to this other than to say “the words coming out of your mouth do not even come close to describing reality.”

Cheered on by a bunch of people who thinks someone rose from the dead and speaks to them.  Truly a party for the obscenely gullible.

  • Loqi

    It must be a miserable existence to be scared out of your wits at all times. They’re not that different from ancient, pre-science people, really. They live in a world they don’t understand with forces beyond their comprehension, and they are terrified. So they make up stories of terrible creatures, gods, and accountants to explain the the way the world works.

    • Neil Schmidt

      This, ladies and gentlemen is the absolute truth. Loqi wins the interwebs for the day!

    • Jeff

      Oh man, now I want to put “accountant” in the Monster Manual, between aboleth and achaierai.

      • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

        There actually is a contract devil in Pathfinder who is very much an accountant devil :)

        Devil, because demons are chaotic and devils are lawful.

      • Hertzey

        As an geeky accountant, that is awesome!

  • Fred

    “the IRS will kill conservatives.”


  • Kenneth Polit

    “The IRS will kill conservatives”

    When? Can I watch? I’ll bring refreshments.