Pope who wants the Church to be a “home for all” excommunicates a priest who questions.

Remember just last week when the pope said the Catholic Church was too obsessed with being anti-gay?  It went something like…

In remarkably blunt language, Francis sought to set a new tone for the church, saying it should be a “home for all” and not a “small chapel” focused on doctrine, orthodoxy and a limited agenda of moral teachings.“It is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time,” the pope told the Rev. Antonio Spadaro, a fellow Jesuit and editor in chief of La Civiltà Cattolica, the Italian Jesuit journal whose content is routinely approved by the Vatican. “The dogmatic and moral teachings of the church are not all equivalent. The church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently.

“We have to find a new balance,” the pope continued, “otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.”

Literally two days after that quote an article was released about Greg Reynolds.  He was a priest who told the Catholic Church, the one that wants to be a home for all, that he disagreed with the Church’s position on gay marriage and women priests.  The result?  The pope thanked him for his input, insisting that criticism from people who have devoted their lives to the Church will be heard with an open mind and gratitude for the honesty, regardless of whether or not the Church agrees.

Just kidding, Reynolds was defrocked and excommunicated:

Dissident priest Greg Reynolds has been both defrocked and excommunicated over his support for women priests and gays – the first person ever excommunicated in Melbourne, he believes.

The order comes direct from the Vatican, not at the request of Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart, and apparently follows a secret denunciation in the best traditions of the inquisition, according to Father Reynolds.

The excommunication document – written in Latin and giving no reason – was dated May 31, meaning it comes under the authority of Pope Francis who made headlines on Thursday calling for a less rule-obsessed church.

Ok everybody, let’s see your surprised faces.

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  • baal

    While I like the Pope’s change in tone, I’m not seeing much in the follow through department. The RCC is a big ship and won’t turn easily but so far, the new Pope just looks like a happy-face PR puppet. I don’t see him being taken seriously by the red shoes that elected him as well as (and apparently more importantly) the prior pope palpatine.

  • Jasper


  • busterggi

    I’m told its called slowly continuous revelation – it only looks like hypocracy &/or flip-flopping.

  • Loqi

    Man, putting on a fake surprised face is even harder than faking a smile for a photograph.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I just got chewed out on FB for saying that all I’ve seen from this Pope is prettyful words. Got yelled at for being “impossible to please” and “demanding that the world cater to my whims.”

    Yes, I’m a horrible person for wanting child rape to stop and expecting human beings to treat each other humanely.

    Anyway, it’s all bullshit. So many people are content to let anyone by with anything that sounds nice.