Religiosity continues to decline in Britain.

It’s declining in the United States too…just not as swiftly as across the pond.

The number of Britons who are religious has declined significantly in the last 30 years and the number of adherents to the established Church of England has halved, a survey revealed on Tuesday.

Just 52 percent of people said they belong to a religion, down from 68 percent in 1983, according to the latest British Social Attitudes survey, which has been conducted every year for the last three decades.

I think it’s the exposure to Richard Dawkins.  Maybe if we bat our eyelashes we could get him to spend more time here in the States…

This is also the global trend.  We live in an age of astonishing innovation, where humans counting on ourselves to solve our problems has created a world of unimaginable luxury compared to every previous generation.  By comparison to the products of the human mind, the remnants of our various religions, no matter how hard they have attempted to reinvent their supposedly unchanging tenants, look even more decrepit.

People are starting to catch wise, and there’s only so much indoctrination and social pressure can do (especially since the faithful lose the power of social pressure as their numbers shrink).

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  • baal

    “(especially since the faithful lose the power of social pressure as their numbers shrink)”
    I htnk this is a big part of why they are endlessly putting up creches, 150′ tall coc crosses, 10 commandments on the courthouse lawns, prayer before council meetings, etc. It’s the same blanket advertising the tobacco industry used to use. The goal is to make it look like most folks are christians (or smokers) so that everyone else keeps quiet or just shrugs and says , “that’s how it is.” Without the deceptive ads everywhere, folks feel freer to express their non-adherence. Tipping points happen and the religionists lose more followers at faster rates.

  • Bear Millotts

    I’m sure that the fundies will blame the Church of England. After all, it was founded on the family values of Henry VIII!