Senate unanimously confirms the first openly gay federal appeals court judge.

Oh hell to the yes.

After a Senate vote of 98-0, Todd Hughes will become the first openly gay man to serve on a U.S. federal appeals court — the last level of appeal short of the U.S. Supreme Court.

As the Washington Blade reports, the landmark vote took place with little fanfare Tuesday morning, in a roll call vote in which debate focused on the squeezed courts budget and impending government shutdown, without mention of the new mark of judicial diversity they were about to achieve.

And you know what we’re going to hear: activist judges!  Weh!  As if having a judicial makeup that represented all Americans – men, women, gay, straight, religious, atheist – is somehow an affront to one of those groups.

Progress* – it rules.

* Go here and listen to the song “Progress” and be happy.

  • tyler

    i think it’s p neat that this appointment was such a non-issue. idek i like the implication that i could hold federal office without a bunch of discussion about the fact that i like to take it in the pooper sometimes.

    • # zbowman

      ^This, just about to the word. The absolute best part of this was the preceding fuss that *didn’t* happen.