Six year-old ordered to marry her rapist’s son.

I thought that sitting here in my Teemo hat reading the news that nothing could bring me down (because this hat is god damned amazing).  Sadly, I was wrong.

The way religion preserves moral conclusions that make absolutely no sense in terms of compassion…it’s what makes religion so terrible.  In this case a man raped a six year-old child and when her parents took this to the village council (not to the police) they ordered the six year-old to marry her rapist’s son.

“Kailash locked her in a room and raped her. Instead of registering a police complaint, elders belonging to the girl’s caste called a panchayat (village council) meeting,” a police official said.

The panchayat ordered the girl’s parents to get her married to Kailash’s minor son.

However, the girl’s parents as well as Kailash refused to accept the panchayat’s decision.

And even as negotiations were going on between the girls’ parents and the accused, Kailash again raped the girl on Wednesday, police said.

How could a human being think anything other than keeping that child as far from her rapist as possible is the right thing to do?  Religion’s commands overriding compassion, that’s how.  When religion conflicts with compassion, religion simply must not win.  Period.

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  • Loqi

    “Police said.” – at least the police are involved. I’m not especially confident that justice will be done, but hopefully something is done to prevent this guy from doing it again. I’m being an optimist today.

  • unbound55

    Wow…so much wrong in all of this.

    Raping a 6 year old? WTF? And how the hell did the bastard get near the girl again to rape her a 2nd time? Parenting fail at that point (of course, I’d probably be in jail by then anyways for beating the living shit out of the rapist).

    I understand the old testament BS about marrying the rapist, but WTF is up with making the raped daughter marry the rapist’s son? The elders are just making shit up at this point.

  • Silent Service

    Well my blood presure just spiked through the roof. What the hell?

  • Patrick

    Awful. Just awful.

    Something to consider rewording though: “Religion commands overriding compassion”. This statement is confusing because “commands” can be read as a plural noun or a verb. When read as a verb it drastically changes the meaning of the sentence. Compounding the problem, “overriding” can be read as a verbal adjective describing “compassion” as well as the verb acting on “compassion”.

    I think it is safe to assume that you do NOT mean to say that religion forces followers to act with overriding compassion, since that would fly in the face of this article…

    • Patrick

      Simplest fix: change “religion” to “religious” so that “commands” must be taken as the noun-subject.

  • Mike De Fleuriot

    Do you know why the “True” theists do not do these things?

    It is because secular society will have their guts for garters if they did this, and they know this beyond any doubt. Take away secular society and this is what will happen.

  • Ben Porter

    My facebook rant on this article.

    Its shit like this religion that pisses
    atheist off. Before anyone points out the whole islam vs. christianity
    thing let me just say this. There are christian cultures in less
    educated parts of the world that are pulling this same stuff, and
    still burning witches. Religion at is core is evil.

    That’s because
    prehistoric man wrote down their uninformed ignorant thoughts into
    books. These books were than declared universal truth. So now even in an
    age when you can sit down at home and access all the information in the
    world people still buy into this nonsense.

    You know why us atheist are
    mad. We don’t believe in a second life, we don’t believe that we will go
    to a land of eternal bliss. We believe this is it. And if this is it
    than humanity needs to get its shit together and quit letting the words
    of monkeys who were even more ignorant than us determine our morality.

    Been a while since i put an actual rant on my face book, but i felt that
    this deserved it. Grown man raping 6 year olds wtf. Than the village,
    the parents, the rapist all saying thats cool but she has to marry the
    rapist son. Only person who has a problem with that (besides probably
    the 6 year old little girl) is the rapist. he doesn’t want her as a
    daughter in law. Apparently shes good in bed but not daughter in law
    material (once again shes six) of course that hasn’t stopped him from
    raping her again during the negotiations.

    I think he wants her as his
    wife and hes pissed they gave her to his son (Cause fucking a 6 year old
    is fine, but not if shes your sons wife.) And what do we owe for this
    wonderfully fucked up story RELIGION. The only “useful” thing religion
    seems to provide is a fucked up type of sadistic entertainment.

    This is
    why atheist are angry. This life is that girls only life, and thanks to
    stone age ideas its ruined. Seriously people grow up and use Logic the
    world will be a better place.

    • DavidMHart

      Can I just be a terrible pedant for a moment?

      “prehistoric man wrote down their uninformed ignorant thoughts into books.

      Prehistory means stuff that happened before we had written records. By the time you’re writing your thoughts down, however uninformed and ignorant those thoughts are, you’re into ‘history’. You might better say ‘ancient’ or indeed ‘bronze age’ or ‘iron age’ (delete as appropriate).

      Here endeth the pedantry.

      • Ben Porter

        Sorry. Bronze age man. I agree that what i said was wrong. I apologize for that. This was a rant and when i rant proper conventions sometimes disappear. Thank you for pointing out my error.

  • Msironen

    “And even as negotiations were going on between the girls’ parents and the accused, Kailash again raped the girl on Wednesday, police said.”

    This reads like a “script” for an Electric Retard strip…

  • AR Hemant

    Possibly less to do with religion here, and more to do with outdated, misguided notions of family honour and social justice. The part of North India where this happened is ground zero for the horrors of misogyny, patriarchy, bad policing, etc.

  • OhioAtheist

    I’m a little confused as to how this is a religious act. There is no mention of religion anywhere in this blog, aside from JT’s commentary. What religion put down this marriage ruling, and where did it take place? Look, I’m all for condemnation of religious stupidity and harming children, but I see no link here.

    • Sara

      Well in the Bible, it says that when a female is raped, she must marry her rapist. Must. And since the parents of this child didn’t go to the police, but instead to the village council (as the article states), it’s apparent that religious beliefs is what helped them make their decision on forcing the child to marry the rapist’s son. Notice how the rapist never got punished?

      • OhioAtheist

        But where is there a reference to the Bible or Christianity in the article?

  • Vanessa

    I love your articles! The fact that you wear a Teemo hat while writing them makes you even more awesome.