Students for Life attempts to set the record for most lies in three minutes.

Not since the bible have so many untruths been so tightly compacted and expressed with such confidence.

Ok, let’s fact-check a few claims.  The first actual claim in the clip is that:

“Planned Parenthood says they perform a lot of women’s health services from contraception to mammograms.”

At this point a stamp reading “false” is plastered over the image of a mammogram machine. reveals that it’s true, Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms:

Women can’t walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and get a mammogram on the spot. The clinics don’t have mammography equipment. Planned Parenthood performs gynecological exams, including breast exams, and refers women to other facilities to have mammograms performed, much like women are referred to radiological centers by their gynecologists or primary care physicians.

According to Planned Parenthood, its medical staff performed 747,607 “breast exams/breast care” in 2010, the most recent statistics available. As for cervical cancer screenings, as the president mentioned, it performed 769,769 Pap tests.

But it’s also true, as seen in the numbers above, that Planned Parenthood provides a lot of health services.  What is false is that Planned Parenthood claims to offer mammograms, as the video says.  Nowhere on PP’s website do they say they offer mammograms, and I can’t find anywhere online where they say as much.  So the video is trying to hit PP for not providing a service that PP never claimed to provide.

One can only wonder where Students for Life got the idea that PP said they provided this service.  They either heard it from someone and took that as the gospel without checking PP’s site (which is pretty irresponsible if you’re going to purport to report the facts) or they are flat out lying (I know, I know…how could that be since nobody who believes in Jesus has ever lied to advance a Christian cause?).

The very next claim is:

“Planned Parenthood is big business.”

A quick google search reveals that PP is, in fact, a 501c3 organization – an organization that explicitly does not exist to make a profit.  If abortions are such big business, then the people behind PP are the evil mastermind equivalent of Mr. Magoo.

And the cherry on top was at the end when they recommended crisis pregnancy centers, which are notorious for lying to women and butchering current physiological and psychological science, as the tonic to PP’s supposed dishonesty.  If lies to women are what you abhor, that’s like recommending a bullet to the head as an alternative to a healthy diet.

Anyway, I’m not going to delve any further.  If you lie on your first two claims, both of which were easily checked (for both the viewers and makers of the video) in a mere 21 seconds, I’m not going to give a whole lot of credit to the rest.

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