Tim Tebow is out of a job because he can’t throw, not because he’s a Christian.

On Saturday the New England Patriots cut Tim Tebow, probably because in a pass-heavy offense you want a quarterback who can throw the ball and, well, Tebow can’t do that.  But many Christians are unconvinced – surely Tebow was cut for publicly being a part of the most popular religion in the United States, one that has infiltrated sports at every level, and not because he can’t throw.

The Examiner reports:

Many Christians are unhappy with the decision, claiming Tebow is the victim of persecution because of his outspoken and public profession of his Christian faith. Tebow, raised by controversial evangelical missionary parents, is famous for praying on the football field. His pretentious public displays of piety have thrilled his Christian fans, while making many others slightly ill.

The following is a sample of comments from Christians claiming Tebow’s release from the Patriots is a result of persecution because of Tebow’s Christian faith, taken from the conservative website The Blaze:

Shame on NFL Owners and Coach’s for caving under the pressure brought on by the Satanic liberals that have taken over ESPN and the other Sport Media outlets.

The problem here is: Tim Tebow is not a gangster, drug dealer or user, wife or girlfriend beater, or a murderer. No, he chose religion over these other labels and is paying the price for it.

Tim Tebow was meant to play football that’s the gift the “Good Lord” blessed Him with, and you know it was Christian phobic liberal’s who had something to do with this decision….

It is quite clear that Tim Tebow is not on a team because of his faith….

Oh my.  It’s fascinating how so many people can see what a tremendous talent Tim Tebow is…everybody, it seems, but the people who evaluate football talent for a living – team after team after team…

It couldn’t be that Tebow went 11-30 in the preseason as a passer.  Nope, it had to be that he was an outspoken Christian in a league full of Christians.  Right.

And I hate this sentiment:

The problem here is: Tim Tebow is not a gangster, drug dealer or user, wife or girlfriend beater, or a murderer. No, he chose religion over these other labels and is paying the price for it.

As if there was a dichotomy between believing in god and a life of crime.  Studies have actually found that gangsters often believe in Jesus and use it to justify their crimes.  The journal is behind a pay wall, but here are some choice quotes.  This one is from “Young Stunna”:

“Well, you do get punished for doing wrong, but not if you don’t have no choice. It’s like this here. See, if I go and rob a motherfucker then I’m still going to Heaven because … uhm … it’s like, Jesus knows I ain’t have no choice, you know? He know I got a decent heart. He know I’m stuck in the hood and just doing what I gotta do to survive. But you now, if you [poking interviewer in the chest] rob somebody, then you might get punished because you going to the Pearly Gates and Jesus going to be like, why you robbing motherfuckers when I gave you a job and a nice life already? What’s up with that?”

And this is from “Cool”:

“The way it work is this. You go out and do some bad and then you ask for forgiveness and Jesus have to give it to you, and you know wipe the slate clean. So, I always do a quick little prayer right before and then I’m cool with Jesus. Also another thing is this; if you doing some wrong to another bad person, like if I go rob a dope dealer or a molester or something, then it don’t count against me because it’s like I’m giving punishment to them for Jesus. That’s God’s will. Oh you molested some kids? Well now I’m [God] sending Cool over your house to get your ass.”

And we also know that about .07% of the prison population is atheist.  There must be quite a few religious people in there making up the difference.

Anyway, I got off on a tangent there.  The point of the post is that Tim Tebow is out of a job because he sucks at doing the things you need to do in order to play quarterback (primarily throwing the ball).  The only reason he got a shot in the pros in the first place was because of political pressure from Christians, which had absolutely zero to do with his ability as a football player.

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