Who said low-hanging fruit can’t be delicious?

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire is a hoot.  Don’t remember him?  He’s the guy who is sick of “being sodomized by the left”.  He’s got a new video out in which he talks about the Westboro Baptist Church asking who we are to judge them.  After all, god might really have told them to do the horrible things they do.

Whoa, that’s deep.  I love the tone of reverence and awe with which the most basic ideas can be presented, as if the bible is truly packed with wisdom.

Who are we to judge?  Human beings, that’s who.  If god really told them to protest the funerals of the grieving it doesn’t change a god damn thing, except now god’s an asshole right along with them.  Cruelty doesn’t become awesome just because a powerful being commanded it.

But god didn’t command the WBC to be cruel any more than he commanded liberal Christians to be kind.  Some people are good and some people are lousy, and both try to blame god for their successes and shortcomings.

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