Your morning happiness: Corgi vs. ball.

My posts generally tend to highlight faith’s massive destructive capability in a world shared by faithful and people of no faith.  This can get pretty depressing.  Thankfully, I have a fiance (and a mother) who send me all kinds of happy stuff throughout the day to make sure I don’t become the type who begins his day by pouring beer on my cheerios.

That doesn’t help you guys, however.  So I’ve decided that every day I will post a feel good article first thing in the morning so you have something to which you can return if all the world’s dumb gets to you.

For today, we have a corgi doing battle with his arch nemesis: the green ball.

  • Criamon

    I think the dog is trying to ‘herd’ the ball.

  • rufus_t

    I think it’s a “treat ball” where (when properly filled up) if drooling boy turns it with the big hole downwards a single treat drops out.

  • Lauren

    What a weirdo.

  • busterggi

    Mother of mercy, don’t give this dog any more caffeinne!