A room of people who were human before they succumbed to Islam.

This video was taken from an Islamic peace conference in Norway:

Here we have a speaker who first laments that people think Muslims are homophobic, subjugate women, and support barbarous punishments…and then goes on to insist that all normal Muslims adopt these positions.

With the help of the audience the speaker attempts to emancipate Islam from its image of discrimination and violence by normalizing the violent and discriminatory practices often found among Muslims.  He gets the audience to affirm stoning to death as a punishment and such, because apparently if Muslims find this behavior normal then the issue is settled.

If these people represent “normal” Islam, it would be wise to be very fearful of fundamentalist Islam.  Indeed, the “normal” Islam depicted by these people, even if it did come from god, is an affront to the love and compassion of which humanity is capable – and a testament to religion’s power to steal that away from us.

You can say “my religion is TRUTH” from now until the end of time, but that doesn’t make it true.  In fact, swearing something so obviously untrue is “the TRUTH” is a bit like a thief who’s been caught in the act saying he’s just re-arranging the furniture.  But here’s the truth as clearly and concisely as it’s ever been told: if you think the proper penalty for apostasy is death then you would be an embarrassment to humankind if only every ounce of the humanity with which you were born hadn’t been stripped away by your faith.

To clarify, for those expressing concern over the title, it was only meant to say that the people in the room, all of whom were likely born with regular levels of empathy (one of the qualities that humanizes us to one another) have lost it on account of their religious faith.  I don’t mean to imply that they are literally not human, but merely that a portion of their humanity has been stolen from them.

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