All new Theoretical BS! Also, William Lane Craig warns against material that may cause you to change your mind.

Scott Clifton has returned to once again dismantle William Lane Craig’s defenses of his Cosmological Argument.

Just wait until the Atheist Killa gets a hold of this.  Then it’s on.

After watching Scott Clifton’s newest video, the A-Unicornist went and checked out WLC’s site (the ironically named where WLC had just cautioned Christians about exposing themselves to atheist writing:

I find myself utterly baffled by the cavalier way in which many ill-equipped Christians expose themselves to material which is potentially destructive to them. It’s like someone who doesn’t know how to swim deciding to take the plunge in the heavy surf. Wouldn’t it be the sensible thing to do to first prepare yourself before venturing into dangerous waters?

I remember vividly that when I first became a Christian I was very careful about what I read because I knew that there was material out there which could be destructive to my newfound faith and that I had a lot, lot more to learn before I was ready to deal with it. Do we forget that there is an enemy of our souls who hates us intensely, is bent on our destruction, and will use anything he can to undermine our faith or render us ineffective in God’s hands? Are we so naïve?

How very Christian to refer to the possibility of having one’s mind changed as “potentially destructive”.  Why on earth would you read those things when they might change your mind?  This is a level of pretension rarely seen among atheists, many of whom encourage people to read the bible in its entirety.

This underscores the problem (and the lifeblood) of Christianity: the goal is to not change your mind, and to not expose yourself to things that may cause you to change your mind.  The goal is the maintenance of ignorance which is like commanding people to be less than they could.  What a horrible, dehumanizing system.

The A-Unicornist has a good write up on the rest.  Check it out.

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  • otrame

    I love Scott. He wades into very deep waters, stuff that is definitely above my head, but he very considerately provides water wings so it’s all good. (In other words, FUCK WLC).

    Seriously, he is worth listening to. Pick a time when you can really pay attention. His videos are not for casual listening.

    It’s great that he took the time to do another vid and I hope he will on occasion in the future, but I guess his acting career is going well so we may have to be content with what he has done so far.

  • Nox

    It may seem like an honest admission of insularity, but it’s just a sales pitch by someone who makes his money selling apologetics. This is just “don’t venture into the world before purchasing my book”.

  • Steve Willy

    Thanks for that steaming nugget of pseudo-intellectual blather, you Hitchens-Dawkins parroting basement dwelling neck bearded megadouche! Stfu!

    • RobMcCune

      Your NECKBEARD is unworthy of growing past your Jaw Line. You dwell in a BASEMENT of unoriginality and parrot STEVE WILLY LIES SHATTERED AT YOUR FEET.

      • Steve Willy

        Thanks Rob for another steaming nugget of pseudo-intellectual blather, you Hitchens-Dawkins parroting basement dwelling neck bearded megadouche! Stfu!

        • RobMcCune

          Once again Steve Willys neckbeard shows it is basement dwelling megadouce. You pseduo-intellectual blather lies shattered at your feet.

        • Zinc Avenger

          Do you actually have any knowledge of the English language, or do you just copy-paste mysterious patterns of letters you don’t understand, you slackjawed, unshaven, scrotum-faced paste-eater?

          • islandbrewer

            Steve Willy has never given any evidence that it is not a chatbot, programmed by a neckbeard-obsessed basement dwelling megadouche, whose worldview lies shattered at his feet.

    • Zinc Avenger

      Hitchens-Dawkins parroting

      Please point out where I parrot Hitchens or Dawkins.

      Your comments are irrelevant copy-pasted drivel. You add nothing to any conversation you take part in.

      All you can do is fling hilariously mild insults at anyone who doesn’t believe in magic, you pompous one-inch fuckstick of uselessness.

      • Zinc Avenger

        You can name arguments, but you have no idea what they mean or what their shortcomings are. I’m surprised you can’t even come up with a better insult than “neckbeard”, you inept shit-gargling lickspittle.