Game streaming event to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

Hey gang.  Foundation Beyond Belief is doing their annual Light the Night event to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  They’ve asked me to organize a day of streaming to raise money for the event and I eagerly accepted.  I want every gamer who’s willing to help.  So here’s what’s gonna go down:

On December 7th there will be streaming for charity.  I will be hosting, so while I’ll be doing some streaming of my own I’ll also be hopping around to other people’s streams, interacting with them, and giving commentary.  If you are a streamer and want to help, please email me at with:

  • Your stream name and URL.
  • What games you generally stream.
  • What games you intend to stream.
  • Any fundraising gimmicks you have going (for instance, I might jungle every champion from A-Z in LoL or let people choose my jungle champ for a donation).
  • What hours of the day you plan to stream.

I’ll get a master schedule up and start an email thread with all participants where I’ll give out any necessary info for the event.

Things I’d like to do:

1.  Huge atheist Guild Wars 2 group in WPvP.

2.  League of Legends epic jungling.

3.  Retro-gaming (things like Ninja Gaiden).

If you play Guild Wars 2 and want to join me on that epic raid, let me know!  :)

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